hairless male legs
Mrs. Lion did a great job waxing me this weekend as you can see here.

We’re both tired today. We got to bed late and then at 3am, the dog woke us up. She was having a seizure. We got that under control and then struggled to get back to sleep. Mrs. Lion could barely keep her eyes open to get to work. I’m working from home so I don’t even have to worry about getting dressed.

As I look down at my legs today, the fact that they are hairless is very obvious. Considering that I haven’t had any body hair for over a month, that struck me as odd. It’s not like I haven’t seen my legs in six weeks. Since our weekend waxing sessions, I do look different. I think that perhaps our earlier sessions may have broken hairs off more than pulled them out.

According to my YouTube research, this can happen with inexperienced waxers. Also, my skin was bumpy because the pulled out hairs were stubborn since I had never had hair removal there before. The combination made my legs, to me at least, look about the same as they did when I had hair. In any case, I look very different to myself now.

I’m not used to this look. It doesn’t look feminine to me. I don’t need a lot of fur to feel like a man. I admit that it does look odd. Apparently, the waxing process has slowed the return of hair. Mrs. Lion had a much easier time this weekend. The results, as you can see, are flawless.

She says she is indifferent. She tells me that she likes the way I look with or without the hair. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I like not having pubic or chest hair. I also like the way my thighs look too. That’s because the missing pubic hair no longer has a border where it ends and fur begins.

Every time I write about this, at least one guy comments on how he doesn’t understand why I would want to remove body hair. Generally, the reasoning goes that it’s either feminine (gay) or pointless. In 2018, the absence of male body hair says nothing about gender preferences. I freely admit that it’s purely an esthetic choice. I like the look and feel.

When I watched the instructional video for male Brazilian waxing, I noticed that I was a little put off by the model’s penis and balls before the waxing. Once waxed, I went from put off to neutral. I don’t think that means I am interested in penises, other than mine , of course. It means that for whatever reason, I prefer skin to hair. I also like being waxed by Mrs. Lion. It is an intimate, not-entirely-painless activity. She’s learning to be very good at it.

I’ve learned something else about myself. I tend to be an all-or-nothing sort of guy. I liked having no pubic hair, but the idea of no body hair at all is much more exciting to me. My attraction to male chastity is similar. I am attracted much more to complete sexual surrender than to a more voluntary submission. Hence, my love of bondage and wearing a chastity device.

The fact is that I’m conditioned to be unable to jerk off, Mrs. Lion’s control is complete even without steel locked around my penis. This is a far more severe form of sexual bondage than a chastity cage. It’s just the way I’m wired. I guess it makes things more interesting around here.


  1. I still have leg hair but do shave my scrotum, ass crack, pubic, chest hair and underarms. I do this daily for the most part. One of these days I may investigate a more permanent version of hair removal. I would like not to have stubble.

    1. Author

      I hate stubble; so does Mrs. Lion. Waxing certainly stops that little issue 🙂

  2. I have in the last few days removed my pubic hair entirely where before I had just shaved my cock and balls, it feels much better to me anyway. I don’t think I would want to go as far as you have though.

    1. Author

      I started out the same way. I’m happy with my decision to get rid of it all.

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