Apparently I need to be more closely supervised. I can’t be trusted with chemicals. Anything stronger than lube is no good in my hands. I assumed all Icy Hot was created equal. Why wouldn’t it be? Gel, roll on, whatever other forms it takes. And Lion bought it all so ultimately it’s his fault his balls were on fire last night. It isn’t. This falls under the live and learn category. Read the label. A little dab’ll do ya. More is not necessarily better.

I feel bad about last night. It’s one thing to cause Lion pain because he wants it. It’s an entirely different thing to put him in real pain. Of course I let him wash it off. If I knew a trick to counteract the stuff we’d get some. Milk is supposed to work with hot peppers. I’ve heard tequila does too but I think tequila just puts you in a place where you don’t care that your mouth is on fire. I doubt either would have any effect on Icy Hot to the balls.

I guess there is some good news. Lion was still hard and willing to be edged after he got most of the offending goop off. Since I couldn’t play with his balls as I normally do when I’m edging him, I traced a line near his anus. He likes that. I wasn’t actually touching it but I was in the neighborhood and even a drive by is welcome there. I stopped edging him and I pulled my finger away when I thought he was close. He gave me a look as if to say, “What happened? Why’d you stop?”

I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm. I just wanted him close. When I resumed I kept my finger flirting with him even though I stopped edging him. This boy is craving some anal attention. I’ll have to give him more tonight.