Maybe Not Such an Idle Threat

Yesterday after I wrote my post I mowed the lawn. An hour of back and forth, up and down, punctuated by a few stops while I decided whether I should stop or if I could actually finish. What drove me on, and it sounds stupid, is the idea that I didn’t want to get another set of clothes sweaty and dirty if I had to finish it today. I was definitely tired and achy but after a short rest I was just a little achy. By bed time I was ready and assumed I’d sleep well. Nope. This morning I have a muscle tweak near my shoulder blade but it’s nowhere near as painful as my neck was.

I did have energy to snuggle with Lion and attempt to wake the sleeping weenie. I didn’t get anywhere. Lion didn’t apologize. He didn’t mention not being horny. We just snuggled. When I had to move I didn’t go far and we spent a good portion of the night intertwined while watching TV.

Today, we already wasted time watching a college football game. Lion is getting the new waxing station ready while I write this. I can’t keep track of his fur. I’m not sure if he needs to be waxed this week or next week. He says he’s furry enough but it doesn’t look that way to me.

We also have to get ready for Lion’s friend who’s coming in a little less than two weeks. There really isn’t too much to do. It’s mostly moving extraneous stuff out of the spare bedroom. We’ve managed to keep the house fairly clean from all our visitors throughout the year.

Later on I’ll either bring out the Magic Wand or the Icy Hot to get things moving. I threaten him with Icy Hot a lot. I guess it’s time I follow through.