My First Punishment Spanking In Months

spanking position
This overhand swat is best for use with heavier paddles. The time it takes to raise and lower the arm sets a good, natural rhythm.

Wednesday night I was punished for upsetting Mrs. Lion. She was angry that I was unhappy with our power exchange. I realize that’s a bit of circular logic on her part, but it’s valid that she was upset. She emailed me to fetch the large tenderizer and put it on the bed. Later, she explained that she wanted me to put it there so she wouldn’t forget to punish me.

I read something different in her order. To me, it was a sort of symbolic order to cut a switch for her to use to spank me. I was surprised she wanted to beat me for my feelings. However, I felt is was a positive move. Later in the evening, she kept her promise.

Mrs. Lion isn’t new to this paddle. She’s used it twice to inflict swats during our NFL spanking game. It hurt like hell when she was counting out points! The spanking wasn’t as harsh. Near the end I yelped and wanted to get away. But, in the scale of her normal punishments, this was quite mild.

I asked her about it later. She told me that this paddle may not work out for punishment. When I asked why, she told me that it was too difficult to hit with quick strokes. That makes sense. The paddle is large and heavy. The face is large. Unlike the spanking spoon and some of our lighter paddles, this one is more about thud than sting. I suggested that she use a slower, steady rhythm with hard swats. She told me that she thought punishment spankings had to be hard, fast hits.

A while ago, we discussed the difference between play spankings and punishment. One difference was that punishments had continuous, rapid swats, while play spankings had pauses. I didn’t realize how literally Mrs. Lion took this difference.

tenderizer on lion's butt
The tenderizer. It’s got a much larger business end.
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A spanking, whether for fun or punishment, has a pace that is established by a combination of factors. The nature of the striking instrument has a lot to do with pacing. A second significant factor is the impact each swat imparts. For example, it makes little sense to use a cane in rapid strokes. It takes a few seconds for the impact of a cane’s blow to be fully felt. For maximum effect, waiting between strokes maximizes the impact of the beating.

Most paddles develop sensation based on flurries of swats. Each swat builds on the pain of the last. This is particularly true of lighter instruments. They light up nerves on the surface of the skin. Hard, fast swats don’t give the recipient time to recover. When Mrs. Lion uses her swatting spoon or a lighter paddle, she can have me trying to escape in no time when she gets going.

A large, heavy paddle like the tenderizer is a bit different. If hard swats are given in rapid succession, the effect will be strong but not as painful as the lighter paddle.  On the other hand, strong, measured swats like the ones I get during football game play have a much stronger effect than the lighter paddles.

Each blow is experienced as a separate insult. The next blow which arrives less than a second later is just in time to make things worse. It’s a hybrid of the light paddle and cane experiences. A way to think about it is the paddle position when spanking. If the large paddle is raised above the head and then brought down with both muscle power and inertia, the rhythm will be a steady, very painful pace.

It’s still possible to control the force of each blow, so the intensity can build up as the spanking proceeds. It also makes it easier to work with the heavier wood.

This was my first punishment spanking in a long time; too long, I think. While I understand the importance of using punishment as a way of teaching me, I think it also serves another purpose. Without attempting to psychoanalyze the reasons, that punishment helped me feel better about us.



  1. I understand the way it makes you feel better about your relationship. Whenever my Queen exerts her will I always feel better about us and turned on too.

  2. Happy for you, a punishment spanking is always the best and it is just great to feel that your wife loves you. I get it when I desirve it and all the problems is gone after. Even though it hurts and make you cry or get tears it is the best way to solve problems in our family. And it learns me to behave and never, well almoust, do the same mistake again.

    Got one yesterday and I´m not so eager to sit down today and it will take some extra time to my next orgasm, the cage will be on for some time now.

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