Surprising My Lion

Lion got his punishment spanking last night for interrupting. What he didn’t expect, however, was the return of the punishment stool.

At a certain point in his whomping, he rolled away. I told him to get his butt back and he complied. However, he kept doing it. I asked if I needed to start over. A few times when he rolled away he told me he’d had enough. I disagreed. Finally I told him he was getting more swats than he would have because he kept rolling away. He managed to stay still.

I made his rosy butt sit on the punishment stool for four minutes. It seemed like a long time to me but it went by quickly. Of course, it wasn’t my sore butt sitting on a scratchy welcome mat. I’m sure it felt like an hour to Lion. He asked if his butt was pock-marked. It wasn’t.

The punishment stool was not the only surprise Lion got last night. I edged him over and over again. At some point I decided I was going to do a ruined orgasm. I think I’ve only ever done that once or twice on purpose. The trick was to hit the sweet spot between edging and orgasm. I managed to do it. When he recovered a little he said he thought I might be able to do it again. I didn’t want to even if he could have. Once is enough for me.

I don’t have a reason why I gave him a ruined orgasm. I guess I just wanted to see if it really does keep him horny. This morning, when he sent me the morning email, he had “Day 1” on it. It wasn’t really an orgasm. Does it reset the clock? We couldn’t decide. It’s really only a guideline anyway. A good way for me to keep track of his wait. Not that it matters how long he’s waited, but it’s nice to know. “Oh, look at that. It’s been eleven days. Huh.”

When we play tonight, barring any distractions, we’ll see if he’s still horny or if the clock was reset. I don’t have any predictions.

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