I Wear A Microchastity Device

shortened jail bird chastity device
At left, my original 1-1/4 inch Jail Bird. This small cage is already in the microchastity category. At right, the adjusted one that is only 1-inch long. This is the shortest Jail Bird possible.

The concept of enforced male chastity is pretty new. The first practical devices only date back about thirty years. Yes, before that there were devices, but they were generally belts that restricted movement and were wearable only by the most dedicated guys. The CB2000 brought male chastity more mainstream.

Chastity device fitting was the province of the people who made the devices. They had to offer some idea how to measure for proper fit. The thing is that the idea of “proper fit” isn’t as straight-forward as it seems. The general rule device makers follow is that the base ring should be tight enough to prevent slipping off and loose enough to avoid irritation. Fair enough. I have no argument there. Where things get tricky is the cage or tube that contains the penis.

Logically, if the penis container (let’s call it the “cage”) fits the flaccid penis without leaving extra room, it’s a good fit. So, each device maker came up with how to make this measurement. Mature Metal, for example, says to measure the underside of the penis from the place the scrotum attaches along the penis to the tip. Ok. But as we all know, that length varies widely even without considering erections.

In my case, that measurement can vary from barely one inch to 2-1/2 inches.  Which is the correct length for a cage? The point is that most of us have a wide range of flaccid lengths. This variation is one of the main reasons custom cages are sent back for adjustment. There’s nothing wrong with having a cage that sometimes leaves room at the tip. In my experience, that extra room is the main reason that peeing standing up can be an adventure. It also provides some growing space for an attempted erection.

My experience is that a very short cage feels a lot better than you might imagine. In the five years of my experience being locked in a chastity device, I’ve had my Jail Bird shortened twice; first from 1-3/4″ to 1-1/4″ and most recently to just 1″. I guess it is fair to call this level of shortening, microchastity. It’s surprisingly pleasant to wear a device with just a one-inch cage. My urethra is always centered and protrudes a bit from the front opening of the cage. Attempted erections just cause the tissue behind the base ring to expand. There is no discomfort. Nothing shows even under tight clothing.

That doesn’t mean your cage should be just one-inch long. It has to be long enough to contain the head of your penis. The shaft will compress easily. Just think of your cock after a cold swim. It’s tiny. That’s the appropriate length for a microchastity cage. That’s what I’m locked in. I believe it is the future of practical male chastity.


  1. Absolutely right. The shorter the better. I made the mistake of getting cages too long and shorter is uniformly more comfortable. Your mileage may vary but don’t be put off by a manufacturer who says measure the maximum length of your penis at rest and reduce that by 1/4 – 1/2 inch. It is good advice.

    1. Author

      I’ve always suggested subtracting 1/2 inch from measurements. Now, I realize that may not be enough. My best cage size is one full inch less than my measured flaccid size.

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