Trapped Lion

I forgot to lock Lion up last night. His sore spot is gone and I wanted to put the cage back on. My plan was to unlock him every day to make sure that same spot didn’t get sore again. However, with his allergies acting up again, he wasn’t up to playing and I didn’t think about the cage again until we were already in bed.

This morning Lion told me the Jail Bird is back from Mature Metal. It’s just in time for me to lock him up again. Now I shouldn’t need to unlock him every night. I probably will anyway. I’m sure there will be a day now and then that he remains caged but, for the most part, he’ll be free every night.

I never really thought about using the cage as punishment. He wants me to make him wait for an orgasm as punishment. But what if I told him he annoyed me so he wouldn’t be getting unlocked? I know he’d have no recourse. It’s not like he can unlock himself. He can whine but that might add time to his sentence.

Sometimes I snuggle up close, grab the cage and lament that I can’t play with him because there’s this barrier. Inevitably he tells me I can always go get the key. If he’s annoyed me, perhaps I could do the same thing but tell him exactly what I would have done if only I could unlock him. Poor Lion. Trapped by his own actions. It’s sad, really.