There Is No If

As usual, Lion wasn’t in the cage an hour before he complained about it. Actually he said he was stupid for wanting to be caged at all. I told him he should have thought of that before he spent money to have the cage shortened. He asked if the cage “does anything” for me. That can either mean does it turn me on or does it make me feel power/ownership. I told him it doesn’t turn me on but it’s necessary for him to wear it. Not the answer he was looking for but what can you do?

This morning he’s reported that it’s very comfortable which is good news if he has to wear it. I told him it was good news because he has to wear it. There is no if. He just laughed at that.

Right now, I suppose, there is no real reason for him to be caged. I gave him an orgasm with the Magic Wand last night. So much for making him wait longer when he’s caged. To be fair, he hadn’t been caged for a few days. But that’s no excuse. I should have made him wait longer.

I don’t have a schedule for him. There’s no magical wait time. He likes a four day wait. That’s not to say he always wants four day waits. That would get boring. I like to keep him guessing.

Another oddity last night was that Lion didn’t want a play spanking. He’s turned down other offers of play spankings lately too. Have I ruined his butt? Is he so used to punishment spankings that a play spanking doesn’t hold the allure it once did? Inquiring minds want to know.