After an eight day wait, Mrs. Lion get me come Friday night. I had been in the plastic cage for a couple of days without unlocking. I was uncomfortable. When I sit at my desk at home, something hurts. The top area where the lock is located gets pushed into my stomach and my scrotum hurt just in front of the base ring. Since I had worn this device in the past, I don’t understand the issue. Maybe it was just one of those things that sometimes happen when locked in a male chastity device. Mrs. Lion left me wild to allow things to calm down.

After unlocking me, she teased me to the edge over and over again. Finally, to my surprise, after an eight day wait, she let me come. It felt amazing! Mrs. Lion has suggested that the confinement of the cage makes the orgasm all that much sweeter. Maybe it does. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion said that she likes to make me wait longer because, under her old schedule I wouldn’t be horny for two days after my orgasm, then waited only two days before getting another. So, she said, I really don’t get much of a sense of waiting. I suppose she’s right. I didn’t mind that schedule at all; not one little bit. I do get the point.

Right now, all we have is the plastic (nylon) cage. The Jail Bird is at Mature Metal being shortened from 1-1/4 inches long to just one inch. When it gets back, I can wear that. I’m not convinced that the plastic cage is the only issue. There are times when the Jail Bird irritates me too. If my jeans and underwear misalign, the chastity device can pinch and irritate me. I guess we’ll find out when Mrs. Lion locks me up again.

Since I was wild for a long time, I may need to get used to captivity all over again. It’s not that I have to adjust psychologically. My adjustment is strictly physical. We both have to adjust again.


  1. Since my normal wait times are usually at least a week, and often some multiple thereof, I can say with some confidence that the orgasm at the end of that time is much nicer than one after only a day or two (or four). In fact, when my wife produces the key, I feel an immediate powerful feeling of excitement and happiness. It’s a very visceral effect, rather than a mental one; perhaps I’ve been conditioned, too.

    1. Author

      My experience is a bit different than yours. The quality of my orgasm will get better up to a point. But if my wait goes on more than a week or so, there is a good chance when I finally get to come it won’t feel all that good. It can almost hurt.

      1. I have experienced that as well, after (for me) very long waits – a month or more. In every case so far, I had a second orgasm not long afterwards (the next morning, for instance), and that one always feels *wonderful*.

        What doesn’t change though, even for very long waits, is the giddy feeling when my wife brings out the key to unlock me.

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