I took a break from thinking about how to torture Lion while he’s still in his cage. I unlocked him for some fun. I put some clothespins in strategic locations. Not many. Just a few in spots I thought would be painful. I wasn’t going for a record.

I was wondering if I’d need to get the Magic Wand. Lion wasn’t particularly responsive. No. That’s not exactly true. Mr. Weenie was at attention but I wasn’t getting much further than that. For all his talk of being horny, I thought Lion would be halfway there just by being unlocked. It wasn’t a problem though. Eventually I had him right where I wanted him. He got his orgasm.

Before he was locked up, Lion’s wait was about four days. Once I locked him up, I decided he should probably wait longer. I don’t know why. It just seemed like a good idea. Toward the end of his wild time, he’d get an orgasm then wouldn’t be interested for a day or two. On the fourth day he’d be interested and I’d give him an orgasm. That didn’t really seem right. If he had a day or two of not being interested, then he didn’t have time to feel like he was waiting. I guess in the cage, it’s the opposite. So why change the wait time?

I think at first it had to do with his wanting to be caged again. I know he has his reasons but it just seemed like extra work to me. So, initially, it was because of the hassle of dealing with the cage. Now I think it’s part of the game. He wants the cage on because it feels like bondage, because it makes it feel like I’m more in charge, because he’s really dependent on me for any sexual touching, etc. I get it. At least as much as I ever will get it. So shouldn’t he have to wait longer? I think so. We’ll go back to the way it was when he was caged last time. I won’t tell him when he’ll have an orgasm. No schedule. I’ll unlock him at least every other day for play. And I’ll try to figure out how to torture him with the cage on, which may or may not be in direct conflict with unlocking him every other day.

In the meantime, my balls have developed a bright red area where the cage seems to be rubbing. We don’t know what the issue is, but Lion is currently wild while the area calms down. We’ll double check to see if there’s a rough spot in that area of the cage. We may have to forego cage-wearing until the Jail Bird gets back. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. While I’m locked up, my wife generally teases me almost every day (which with my device is possible without removing it, so there’s little effort required on her part). Releases, though, are generally longer; I tend to get excited as the weekend approaches, because there’s more of a chance of my being unlocked on Sunday morning than almost any other time – although she frequently surprises me. Generally, though, my lock-ups seem to last some multiple of a week. As long as I’m not feeling neglected (teasing is *not* neglect!), that’s fine.

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