It’s true! I asked to be caged again. I had hoped Mrs. Lion would want me to go back to wearing a chastity device. It turns out that she was against it. But, sweetheart that she is, she locked me up anyway. In her post yesterday, she wrote,

“If history repeats itself, Lion will be annoyed with the cage within an hour of the lock clicking shut. …  I know I have the final say but if he’s “stupid” enough to want to be locked away again, then he’s going to live with the consequences. Pinching, peeing, no morning wood — too bad. Can’t help you. The cage stays.”

There it is; Mrs. Lion being ever so accommodating. She’s right that I will be annoyed at first. But history also shows that after a week or two, I settle in and take the cage as a normal part of my life.

If I find wearing a chastity device inconvenient and it prevents me from enjoying those random erections, why in the world would I ask to be locked up again? Mrs. Lion has made it clear that she prefers me to be wild. In a good many ways I also prefer it too. But, I think there is a good reason to return to lockup.

Bear in mind that all of this — our power exchange, enforced male chastity and FLRD (Female Led Relationship with Discipline — started with my request to be locked into a chastity device. Mrs. Lion didn’t understand why I would want to be locked up, but did it anyway. Sound familiar? I don’t want to go through all of my original reasoning. You can dig into our archives to learn about that. I found the idea hot and I thought the power exchange the male chastity device represented would help our relationship.

After a while, Mrs. Lion liked having me caged and we decided to make it a permanent part of our lives. I was allowed to be wild full time when I had shoulder surgery. After I was mostly healed, I was locked up again, but found it difficult to function while caged. So, I was allowed to be wild again. This went on until now. My only lockup was while Mrs. Lion was away visiting her kids.

Apparently, she liked having me wild. since my recent “hints” about being caged fell on deaf ears. After my post yesterday, when I made it clear I wanted to wear a chastity device again, Mrs. Lion agreed. I’m not sure why she prefers me to be wild. I recognize that to play with me she has to unlock the chastity device. But that’s not a very big deal. I think it’s because she doesn’t feel it is necessary. After being locked up for years, I’m in no danger of masturbating. I haven’t jerked off since January 2014. Our FLRD is firmly in place. I can understand why she doesn’t see any reason to lock me up.

I like the bondage aspect of being locked in a chastity device. It’s a turn on that she won’t allow me to be wild when I decide I’ve had enough. It’s control! But there’s more to it than that. Even if she wasn’t the one who wanted me in a chastity device, she can’t help but be reminded of the strength of her sexual control over me. She knows that when I’m wild, I won’t do anything sexual she doesn’t want. But when in a chastity device, I can’t do anything sexual unless she unlocks me.

That’s a subtle difference since in both cases her control is firmly in place. It makes a difference to me. I feel the sexual control more when there is a physical barrier to any form of sexual arousal. I may be wrong, but I think Mrs. Lion feels this too. For one thing, she has the option of keeping me locked up with no relief as long as she wants. This is a powerful disciplinary tool. She’s never used it, but it’s there and I’m sure at some point she will.

There’s another not-so-subtle difference as well: When we snuggle, if I am locked in the male chastity device, we both know there is no chance of any sexual activity. When we snuggle when I am wild, I know sex is possible. More importantly, Mrs. Lion can feel badly that she is disappointing me if she doesn’t tease me or get me off.

The cage is a symbol of intention. As long as it’s on, I know that sexual activity is not going to happen. She doesn’t have to worry I will be disappointed if she snuggles with me just to be close. I love those non-sexual snuggles too. The chastity device is a clear statement of intention. If it is off, sexual activity is possible, even likely. If it is on, any sexual activity will not include my (her) penis; no pressure, no ambiguity. I believe that frees her to be more physically expressive at times she doesn’t feel up to sexual activity. Taken by itself, that is a great reason for me to be locked up.


  1. I am very much enjoying this round of posts. Hope you are both well.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Drew. We’re very happy. I’m jealous of your titanium Chastity devices I’d love one like that. ?

  2. I know the feeling of wanting to be locked back up in chastity, there are times that I just prefer to be locked and allow my wife to be in control of my cock and decide when I get to orgasm.

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