Despite what he wrote yesterday, Lion and I did not discuss whether the cage went back or not. I was busy at work when he wanted to talk about it and when I got home he had it all set to ship back. I’m not really sure I understand the need to shorten the cage since we hadn’t agreed that he’d be locked up again. As a matter of fact, I thought we decided he’d still be wild. After the cage was on its way, Lion said something about being locked up. I said the cage was gone, trying to be funny, and he said we still had the plastic one here. I guess that means I’m locking him up.

It’s true it is inconvenient for me to lock him and unlock him, but it’s more inconvenient for Lion to wear it. He gets pinched and has to be careful when he pees. I’ve never understood the appeal of wearing the cage. I know he likes the bondage aspect of it but overall I don’t get it. Good thing for Lion I don’t let that get in the way of doing things for and to him. We have a lot of chores on our to do list so I can’t exactly say when this will happen, but at some point over the weekend I’ll do manscaping I haven’t done in a while and lock Lion into the plastic cage.

If history repeats itself, Lion will be annoyed with the cage within an hour of the lock clicking shut. If it was my idea to lock him up, I usually tell him to suck it up. My weenie needs to be locked up to be safe and secure. If it was his idea to be locked up, I tell him he asked for it and he needs to be careful what he asks for. He can’t be like the dog going in and out of the door all the time. Cage on, cage off, etc. This time it’s his idea. I know I have the final say but if he’s “stupid” enough to want to be locked away again, then he’s going to live with the consequences. Pinching, peeing, no morning wood – too bad. Can’t help you. The cage stays.


  1. For me, wearing the cage – especially after a long “wild” period – provides a sense of comfort and security. Perhaps it’s the reassurance of my wife’s implied grasp on me, or the familiarity that comes from having worn it for so many days and weeks in the past.

    Regardless of any psychological reasons, the cage also provides a near constant presence that is mildly titillating on its own. This keeps me at a continuous elevated level of “hornyness “(more or less, depending upon how occupied I am with other things), and feeling horny is always fun, too.

    1. Yup, me too. I also like how it affects our marriage.

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