Lion Stews

Lion has been looking for ways to keep his balls hair-free. Electric razors tend to nick him. The hair removal cream irritated his skin but seemed to work fairly well. Yesterday we tried waxing. It did a good job. Of course, the directions say to remove the hair in the direction from which it grows. On balls this is nearly impossible. It grows every which way. Nonetheless, Lion was mostly hairless (Here is a picture of his newly denuded balls).

I told him I’d allow him to shower cage-free so he could get any remnants of wax off of him. Plus the wipes they provided for wax remnant removal had a scent that was not necessarily unpleasant, but it was strong. After his shower I didn’t make any move to cage him. We had dinner reservations for 8:30. When we got home at 10 I pulled out the plastic locks and put one on the bed. He asked why I was using the plastic lock when we could just use a padlock. Good point.

There was no pomp, no circumstance, no nothing when I locked him up. I didn’t edge him. I didn’t fondle him. Sometimes I give my weenie a good-bye kiss. Not this time. I’m still a little annoyed that he sent back the Jail Bird without discussion and has decided he wants to be locked up again. I’m not sure why. I mean, I’m not sure why I’m still annoyed. It’s a silly reason to be annoyed, but right now I think Lion needs to be in solitary confinement. At least until I work out my annoyance. How long will that take? No idea. I just get the feeling that if I unlock him before I’m over it, I won’t want to lock him back up again.

Lion had an orgasm Thursday night. We didn’t play Friday night. We didn’t play last night. What if we don’t play tonight? Well, first of all, I’ve already broken our agreement that I’d play with him at least every other night. Is recaging him technically playing? It is bondage. Plus, I’d like to let him ponder his predicament for a little while. He did want to be caged again. I lined him up perfectly but he still had trouble peeing. I don’t know if it’s pinched him yet. Even though it’s light, I know he knows it’s there. I assume it prevented some morning wood.

I don’t know if I am anti-cage at this point. I don’t know what I am, other than annoyed. That will work out eventually. Just as I want Lion to stew in his own juices in the cage, I need to stew in mine too.


  1. I have been waxing my genital area for at least 7 years. I do enjoy the very smooth results. But that only lasts 10 days until the new hair starts to grow. Previously I tried to use chemicals. That was okay, but it never gave me great results. ( Although I may try it again). I would love to have had access to laser or white light but Idon’t know if that was available when I had black pubes. Now, after most of my hair is gray, laser or white light will not work. I see Mr. Lion still has some black hair after waxing, he should continue with the white light.
    Oh, to be young and showing some black hair.

    1. I have some grey too! But I got laser treatment years ago and we use our light unit too sometimes. What grows back isn’t very thick at all, but still… I think waxing and shaving work well for now. I just got a Venus razor and it seems to do a good job without cutting me.

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