Many Kinds Of Fireworks

On the fourth, we had our own fun. Mrs. Lion gave me a great blowjob. I had to pay in advance with some painful swats to my balls. Oh well. We spent the day close to home. We drove into town (10 miles each way) for lunch. The streets were quiet but not dead. Mrs. Lion commented on how much main street looked like a town in the old west. Of course, this is the new west. The town dates from the Gold Rush time. There is a memorial to the millions of ounces of gold that came from local gold mines.

The rest of the time we spent in and around the trailer. We grilled burgers outside for dinner. All in all it was a tame fourth. We decided not to walk to the lakeside to watch the fireworks. To our surprise, we were able to see it from our trailer. We turned all the lights off and enjoyed the show. It wasn’t Disneyland, but it was very good.

This post is a day behind. We have no cell service, so my post for Friday is written on Thursday morning before we set off in search of cell service and adventure. I reminded Mrs. Lion that Thursday is punishment day. I mentioned that she said she would do maintenance spankings on Thursday punishment day. She corrected me. She said she could do maintenance spankings on Tuesday, which, in fact, she did; or any day she wants. I understand.

Mrs. Lion has internalized her role. She is aware of when I eat and the state of my shirt (no spills allowed). I don’t think she has fully tuned in on me interrupting her. If she is, I’ve been very good about avoiding that sin.

We talked about moving play and sex away from bedtime. So far, punishment has moved earlier in the day, but play and sex still come after we go to bed at night. That’s fine if we both have energy left at the end of the day. So far, we have.

I think this will change when we venture further from our trailer. We’ll see if we can break our old pattern when we get home. Chances are that we will range far and wide. We enjoy exploring our surroundings.

I’m feeling relaxed and satiated so far. That may not last. Today, after all, is punishment day.