Tired Lioness

I was really tired yesterday. I still am today. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m not sure if it’s the bed, the heat, or fighting for the covers. Lion doesn’t steal the covers. He just rolls over and takes them with him.

I even forgot to do Lion’s maintenance spanking. He wasn’t silly enough to remind me. That’s not his job. He reminded me about punishment day. After that it’s up to me to remember. Of course, I can do a maintenance spanking any time I want.

Aside from being tired, I just felt off. I wasn’t really hungry at dinner and when Lion was loopy around bedtime it sort of annoyed me. He gets very chatty and clingy when he’s loopy. Usually he’s just funny. He says some weird things and falls asleep mid-sentence.

Assuming I can stay awake, or if I take a lot more narcoleptic naps, I will do Lion’s maintenance spanking later. We have to go out to upload our posts. If we get back with enough time before dinner, I can do it then. That way he’ll be sitting on red hot buns through dinner.
In his loopiness, Lion said he was hard yesterday morning. He wasn’t last night but that’s understandable. He was loopy and that never translates to horny. Perhaps tonight he’ll be more in the mood. I hope we both will.