Dual Fireworks

Our 4th of July started out quietly. Many businesses were closed in the very small town near the campground. We ate lunch in town and uploaded our posts. Then we went back to the camper and snoozed while watching TV. Lion hadn’t slept very well the night before and I’ve just been tired for days.

We had an American-as-apple-pie dinner of hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw. After dinner, we watched some TV and waited for the fireworks show. About 9 o’clock I asked Lion if he’d rather watch fireworks or make some of our own. He wisely chose to make fireworks of our own.

When he took a shower he attempted to de-fur himself. He nicked his scrotum in a few places. That meant I couldn’t use Icy Hot on him or I might have zinged those spots. I didn’t feel comfortable tying his balls either. I did, however, swat his balls a bit. Just with my hands. I told him I don’t need special equipment to make his balls sting.

I decided Lion needed some oral attention. Despite the limited room in the camper for playing, I prefer it for oral sex. At home the footboard cuts into my legs. In the camper there’s no footboard and I can gain leverage by putting my feet on the dresser. Lion doesn’t complain in either case.

I was going to edge him and leave it at that. I did edge him a few times. But then I decided I’d promised him fireworks. He had a nice orgasm. We were also done in plenty of time to watch the local fireworks show.

Today we’ll go off exploring. It’s a beautiful sunny day with just a few clouds in the sky. Perfect vacation weather.


  1. Lion is a lucky guy.

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