Punishment Averted

Lion has a new rule. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s put his nighttime and morning medications in little baggies. He’s recently switched to little pill bottles he found online that look like old time film canisters. (Rotary phones, vinyl records, anyone, anyone?) He keeps these containers in drawers on shelves in the bedroom. When he comes out of the bathroom after his shower, he’s facing these shelves. Inevitably, he forgets to grab his meds. Whether I’ve worked all day or not, let the dog in and out fifty times or not, made dinner or not, I’m usually the one who backtracks to get him his pills. For a while, I joked that I was going to make it a rule that he was responsible for getting them. The other night, I was done. It’s now a rule.

I placed an order with a local grocery store yesterday. We got a few deliveries from them when the first lockdown happened. They also offer pickup and, since it’s very close to work, I usually pick up food on Monday or Wednesday when I’m at the office. Pickup is free whereas delivery costs about ten dollars. Both options are perfect for social distancing. And it eliminates some of the steps I hate about grocery shopping — actually grocery shopping. Even if they charged their normal fee, five dollars, I think I’d still pick up my order. There are a few things you have to go into the store for, but it’s certainly a shorter time in the store.

Anyway, my pick up time was between 6 and 7 pm. That’s also when we normally eat dinner. So I went and picked up the order, came home and put it away, and made dinner. As I carried dinner into the bedroom, I noticed Lion hadn’t gotten his meds. Here it is, the first night and he’s already getting punished. To my surprise, he got up and got his meds. He asked if he was too late to avoid punishment. Nope. As long as I don’t have to get them, he’s safe. Of course, if he’s sick or having trouble walking I’ll gladly get them for him. I’m not a monster.

Lion managed to keep the paddle away, but he didn’t miss out on sexual attention. He had a nice blow job. Does it count as a blow job if he doesn’t have an orgasm? What would you call it? I normally say “oral attention”, but Lion called it a blow job last night. It works for me. He didn’t actually get to the edge, but it’s fairly close to his last orgasm so I don’t think that’s unusual. He should be getting hornier as we go. I can definitely help make him hornier. It’s sort of a specialty of mine. [Lion comments — It certainly is!]


  1. I think this is an excellent rule. History has demonstrated that Lion will develop a better memory when spanked for these types of infractions!

    I haven’t been totally sympathetic to Lion’s desire to be spanked for verbally annoying Mrs Lion. I find her argument that growling at him occasionally does the trick to be persuasive. And it’s a particularly subjective thing to spank for. An interruption that might annoy one day might not raise any hackles on another day.
    Not picking up your meds is clear cut. Either you did it, or you didn’t.

  2. Author

    My thoughts exactly! I may be easier to annoy if I’ve had a bad day or I’m not feeling well. Why spank him for interrupting when I’m mad but not mad at him? It’s too much of a gray area.

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