Campfire Punishment

We’re starting our trip today. The last two days were a raucous visit by our friends and their young kids. It was big fun.  We had to work last night to get everything ready to travel.

Mrs. Lion has promised lots of play (and discipline). There are some challenges within the trailer. The bedroom doesn’t have a lot of room around the bed. We may need to try new locations; perhaps the living room.

The problem is that in locations where there is good swinging room, it is difficult to position me where I remain firmly in place. We have a couch, but the dog likes to snooze there when we aren’t home. Her dander makes me itch. We may need to find a good way to cover it. We’ve failed so far to keep the dog off.

Of course, CBT can easily be performed on the bed. Aren’t I lucky?  Of course I am!  We don’t have a good track record with either play or discipline when on vacation. I’m hoping it will change this time.

We tend to be really tired when we get home at night. Over the years, we almost never play or punish at times other than bedtime. I think we might try playing  during the day. Sexual activity doesn’t have to wait until it is time to sleep.

Both of us are creatures of habit. Changing habits are tough for us. We do come home to walk the dog either mid afternoon or just after dinner. Since my rule is to be naked when at home (or camper), play and/or discipline would be easy. Mrs. Lion can know that’s her plan for the day. Then I can take a boner pill an hour or so before we go back to the camper.

Of course, I haven’t discussed this with Mrs. Lion. She may have a very different idea. Thursday is maintenance spanking day. I know I will be beaten in some part of the camper then. I suspect that Mrs. Lion has more in store for me than that.