Fair Weather, Foul Attitude

Lion has been on a sort of a rampage for the past few days. No satellite in the camper almost cancelled the trip. I suggested we stay home so he wouldn’t be miserable and then he itemized how much the camper costs per trip and if we cancelled one then it worked out to X dollars. It’s all his money since he pays for everything. He hates the camper and his life is horrible.

I may have misjudged how much Lion relies on his access to television. Generally, I can take it or leave it. Most of the time it’s background noise. I can’t read with it on. I can’t write with it on. Currently I’m sitting at the picnic table outside because Lion is watching “Magnum, PI” on DVD.

At this point, I’m not sure if it’s the loss of satellite or camping in general that has him so pissed off. I know he’s also in some pain. He can’t get comfortable in the recliner in the camper. I suggested the bedroom and maybe some play last night since I had promised him play time and he insists I always go back on my promises.

Thursday night, while he was in full rant about the TV situation, I was putting his vitamins together while he wrote his post that published yesterday. I looked online to see if there were any solutions to his lack of satellite. There were. One possibility was that we could pick up a portable satellite while on our trip. Another possibility has us waiting for delivery in about a week. Lion opted for the later delivery since it was a better price and it’s more like the dish that lives on the roof of the camper. I see it as a solution for those campsites that have the lovely shade trees that block the satellites view of the sky. The portable one can be moved to a more favorable location.

With the satellite problem solved for future trips, we settled in for the night. I thought. Lion likes a bowl of cereal before bed. He’d also taken a sleeping pill. He fell asleep with the bowl in his hand and spilled cereal and milk all over the bed. I cleaned it up and I thought we were going to sleep. Nope. Lion loves to talk when he’s taken a sleeping pill. That night’s conversation was on how horny he was and if I wasn’t going to do anything about it, he would. I told him he better not. We went back and forth about it and didn’t make it to sleep until 2:30.

On about six hours sleep, we set out. Lion offered to drive part of the way, but he doesn’t like to drive the truck and he can’t really use two hands to drive. Not that I keep two hands on the wheel for the most part, but when things get windy or traffic is bad I do. So I decided I’d drive the whole way. When we got in, I started to hook things up. I got to the sewer line first and since it’s under the slide I thought it would be a good idea to get it set while the slide wasn’t open so I didn’t have to crawl around under the slide. Nope. Lion wanted the electrical first. [Lion – If we connect electrical first, we have additional power to open the slide rooms]  He was looking over my shoulder the whole time. I’m sure he thought he was helping but mostly he was telling me I was doing everything wrong.

Once inside the camper, I got a few things situated, sat down for a drink and then made the bed. After that I took out my iPad. Bad move. Lion said we hadn’t even made it an hour before it came out. I don’t recall there being an outright ban on the iPad. I was tired, sweaty, and just wanted to relax a little. Nope. IPads down. The ironic thing is that I was going to leave the iPad home, but it turned out to be the only place that had our campsite number listed. Good thing I brought it. Now put it away for the rest of the trip.

Before we left I decided we were going to play last night whether I was achy, falling down tired from being up until 2:30 the night before or there was a freak hurricane. Lion was tired too and couldn’t get comfortable in the recliner so I suggested moving to the bedroom for play. What kind of play? Whatever he could handle. Then he said I shouldn’t wait till so late to play. OK. So we went into the bedroom to watch DVDs. He kept accusing me of falling asleep already. I wasn’t but after about an hour I did. This morning he told me I should just tell him we’re playing and take it from there.

So here’s the deal, I’m tired of the ranting Lion. I gave him a few days to snap out of it. I’m not going to be wrong this entire trip. I can’t fix the satellite. I did offer the solution for future trips. I make a quarter of what Lion earns so I won’t be taking over the camper payment any time soon. If his life is horrible, then I must be contributing to that and we need to have a larger discussion than just a satellite not working. Otherwise, I’m taking over and snarky comments will be dealt with as needed.


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    Sounds like a plan. My Queen wouldn’t put up with behaviour like that from me. You shouldn’t put up with it either. It’s a sign of lack of respect. He may be uncomfortable but he needs to remember you are his lioness.

    1. Author

      His attitude could definitely be straightened up with some “tease and deny” edging for minimum thirty minutes and then lock your toy backup in its cage… Do that every night for a week and see how his attitude will straighten up… As soon as you get acceptable behaviour then give him the mind blowing orgasm but not until then… He will make the correction or he will have to remember what an orgasm feels like… This trip will certainly be memorable for both of you…

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