Up until the past few punishment spankings Lion has had, I haven’t always done a good job. Yeah they’ve hurt to some extent but Lion keeps raising the bar. I was spanking too hard, too quickly. Better to start out slow. Then I was finishing too quickly. He didn’t really know he’d been punished. I’m lovingly calling this funishment. It wasn’t really fun but it wasn’t really punishment either. Lately, however, he knows he’s being punished.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Two out of the last three spankings were maintenance spankings. There was one the other day for interrupting me. Boy was he pissed! I’m not really sure who he was pissed at. Was it me for daring to realize he’d broken a rule? The nerve! Or was it at himself for breaking the rule in the first place? I don’t know but he was not a happy boy.

Last night’s spanking was a maintenance one but we decided it should mimic a punishment. He needs the practice taking and I need the practice giving. Win-win. Ha! He still loses. I know it was very difficult for him to stay still. He was yelping into the bed and telling me we should be done. When he says that I know we need to keep going. 1.0 would have stopped. 2.something doesn’t. We’ll never get anywhere if I keep giving in.

From time to time Lion makes mention of the fact that spanking is my go-to punishment. It’s true. I never really thought about it until just now, but how can I move on from spanking when I haven’t perfected it? I like to play games on my iPad. The games either give you goals to accomplish or you earn a certain number of stars for each level you beat. If I’ve been getting three stars on all levels and suddenly I can only get one star it pisses me off. I keep trying until I can get at least another star. Stupid level! You can’t beat me! So it makes sense to keep trying to spank Lion’s butt until I get it right.