Training Exercises

I think, and Lion probably agrees, that he would benefit from a maintenance spanking. It’s been over two weeks since he’s gotten himself into any trouble. Sure he’s interrupted a few times and he sometimes steamrolls over my ideas, but I haven’t punished him. And this wouldn’t be a punishment spanking anyway. Just a tune-up. For both of us.

You know, if you don’t exercise you’ll never get in shape. (I don’t normally exercise. My shape is round.) Lion needs to learn how to take a punishment-type spanking just as I need to learn to give them. I’ll be exercising my arms. I need to build up my spanking muscles. Lion needs to work on taking painful swats while staying still. It’s a challenge for both of us.

I could help Lion if I tied him to the bed, but I think it’s important that he learn to stay still. What if restraints are not available where I want to spank him? I can’t have him flailing all over the place. If I’m in mid-swing and he’s moving, he could get swatted where I don’t intend. It’s happened before. If I do get to a level where I could really hurt him, those errant swats could be bad news.

Maybe maintenance spanking is the wrong thing to call it. Maybe it’s really training spanking. I guess it doesn’t really matter what it’s called. The concept is the same. We need practice. Aside from my whomping a pillow or finding a spanking machine for Lion, it’s the best solution we have.

I don’t think Lion will mind being spanked. At least the idea of being spanked. Once his butt is rosy he’ll change his mind but by then it’s too late.


  1. I get a “training” paddling every Thursday afternoon. I get reminded and she gets practice .

    1. Mrrs. Lion may start a similar routine.

      1. Author

        It makes sense to do this on one of our unused punishment nights each week.

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