Sometimes I Surprise Him

Yesterday we did some yardwork. Lion mowed the lawn with the garden tractor and I mowed where he couldn’t reach. We were both pretty wiped out by the time we were done. It doesn’t take much to make us tired because we’re so out of shape. Today I’m determined to clean the deck off with the leaf blower. Having a giant pine tree living in the middle of the deck, spewing needles and cones, creates a huge mess.

Later on I’ll do some manscaping. Lion used the hair remover on his balls but he didn’t quite get all the hair. I think it did a pretty good job. He may need to do it more often to get all of it. I need to use the epilator on his tummy and buns. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it and he’s got some fairly long hair on his butt.

Last night I told Lion I didn’t care about his aversion to Velcro. He didn’t want me to use it because we think it gave him a sore on my weenie. I think it was a combination of the tiny teeth and the fact that I put it on extremely tight last time. Not only was I not going to put it on so tight, but I was also going to put it on teeth-side out. In actuality I got him a bit more erect than I should have. The Velcro had no effect whatsoever. Bummer. Oh well. He was sporting a nice erection.

Since the Velcro didn’t work out I decided to give him some love taps in the balls. I never hit very hard but he tends to wince each time. A long time ago he told me I could hit harder and now he can’t take it. The balls must get wimpy with age.

I edged him a lot. I got very close. Then closer. And then I stroked him and stopped and stroked and stopped before he even got to the edge. I wanted him frustrated. It was working. I hadn’t really thought about giving him an orgasm but as I got closer it crossed my mind. And when I got to be more relentless at the edge I figured he was thinking he’d get a ruined orgasm if I wasn’t careful. But no. I went over the top and gave him a full orgasm.

We didn’t talk about it afterwards so I don’t know how it compared with his last orgasm. I also haven’t given him an oral orgasm since he asked me to give him a hand job. Maybe his next one will be oral so he can make some comparisons.