Making My Point

Lion wasn’t really in the mood for anything last night. He’s been all stuffy again. I heard this morning that another round of tree pollen has many people suffering. That makes more sense to me than pet dander and dust bothering him. The dog and house are fairly clean. I blame the trees! And we were outside a lot over the weekend.

This morning Lion said he might be horny. I guess if he gets his stuffiness under control, we can play tonight. I’m not going to pressure him one way or another. There’s no way that I know of to force a man to be excited if he’s not into it. Even if there was a way, why would I do it?

One thing I will force Lion to do is to accept punishment for interrupting me a lot this weekend. He likes to think he knows where I’m going with an idea and he’ll try to finish it for me. He’s frequently wrong. I don’t know if he thinks he’s saving time or what, but I guess it works because I stop talking. Then days later I start the conversation with, “As I was trying to say the other day…” I know I should punish him when it happens but we’re usually in the middle of something and then I forget.

Actually, it’s probably better that I save it all up for one massive punishment. Maybe it makes my point more effectively.

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    I am often guilty pf this very thing. I have also been on the receiving end of some eye opening sessions with Mi Amors paddles as of late because of it…. I do want to become the better listener she is expecting me to be since I asked we enter in to this lifestyle…. A week ago she made it clear the sessions would be more frequent until I can improve in that area…. I let her know that I want that change to come to please her and show her investment in me is for real, not just for my satisfaction if that makes sense. I told her I understand at times this will be very painful for me and I accept that, ignore my yelps and welts until you have delivered what you deem necessary, not worrying if you are hurting me at the moment. Punishment will be painful and she agreed. She wants to shape me more as she grows in her use of her position of power .

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