The New Normal?

We made it to another weekend. I dislike desperately trying to make it through a week to get to two days of freedom. There’s been some turmoil at work. One of the partners is buying the other out, and no one is quite sure what will happen going forward. Tensions are high. Morale, certainly mine, is low. I’m not afraid for my job, but I have no appetite for nonsense. Coupled with the fact that I haven’t been feeling well, it’s been a very long few weeks.

We have had some nice days lately. We rarely get sun in the winter. Getting it more than a few days in a row is definitely rare. And yesterday, it ended. When I saw on the news that the tree pollen level was low, I thought that I might feel better. I forgot that a change in the barometer is just as bad as pollen. I was feeling pretty yucky yesterday. I was, however, thinking about trying out Lion’s new over-the-knee spanking position. Then I realized he just had an orgasm, so he probably wasn’t interested in sex. I didn’t think I should start the new experiment until he was ready. It’s just as well since I was battling sinus pressure and achiness.

I still work half days on Fridays. Lion said maybe I’d feel better about spanking him if I got home earlier in the day. It’s possible. I also thought maybe I have to live on a steady diet of Tylenol for a while. I had a physically demanding job for over five years, and I’d pop Tylenol like candy so that I would be able to make it through a shift. Now I try not to take it so often, but I may have to start again until I can get past whatever this is, making me feel yucky.

Since we got vaccinated, we’ve been biding our time until our immune systems cranked out enough antibodies to feel safer going out to eat and such. Lion has been lusting after going to the casino. I have no idea how crowded it will be, but he’d like to go tonight or tomorrow night. I guess we can check it out. If it looks anything like the row of restaurants in our town did when I came home, I’m not staying long. I don’t think they’re up to full capacity, but there were enough cars to suggest they were full. Definitely too full for our comfort level. We’ll see.

If we do go out, Lion will miss out on spanking again. I know he’s both looking forward to and not looking forward to being spanked. Silly boy.

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  1. Probably everything is equally good for him. And the walk and the whipping. So there is no painful choice. What will happen is good.

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