A Chance To Growl

It’s Sunday night. We spent the day getting more propane, cutting back overgrowth, and hauling our stuff back to the “camper”. Sexy, huh? Mrs. Lion tried to get me interested in some action — edging I’m sure. I am too stuffy and itchy to have any interest in sexual activity. These allergies are just too much!

At times like this, when non-sexual stuff eclipses any fun, sexy stuff, I wonder if I should just stop posting until I have something hot to write. Alternatively, I could write some hot male chastity fantasy. Others resort to this during lean times. Or, I could answer mail we get from readers. Right now, with my nose running from spring allergies, none of that is appealing. I have, however, taken appropriate medication. I hope it starts to work soon.

In the meantime, there is something I wanted to mention. Every so often I get a long email from a guy who says he is thinking about male chastity and wants to tell me an all-too-familiar story. It starts with a long disclaimer about how wonderful and varied his sex life is. He then goes on to write that he has a “problem” with pornography and masturbation. He says that he believes being locked in a chastity device will cure his problem.

How does someone with an active and varied sex life have the time and energy for pathological masturbation? OK, I can see that a male chastity device could slow him down. I don’t see how locking up his cock will cure his porno problem. Of course, the email is coming from a not-very-imaginative, rehash of male chastity stories. I’ll never understand why someone would get anything out of sending it to us claiming it is his real-life story. It happens often enough to suggest it’s apparently normal for a certain sort of lonely soul.

I’m very sure the authors of these unimaginative communications haven’t read a single thing here. They zoom right into the “Contact Us” link and start fantasizing. I’ve had to backspace a dozen times. I don’t want to be insulting even to our non-readers. Just let it be said that every time I get one of those emails, I growl.