The Male Clitoris

Less than one square inch. It’s that tiny area of skin just below and to the left of the cleft in the penis head. A fingertip gently rubbing in a circle over that tiny area is enough to bring a man from flaccid to ejaculation. A vibrator placed there gets the job done in record time. It’s not that all the other square inches of skin are wasted, but this little spot is essentially the male clitoris. Most women are well aware of it. At one time or another they have opened a man’s fly reached into his underwear, placed a finger there and gently made little circles. They may have been sitting in the car or a movie theater. He sat there transfixed, not daring to move, knowing that soon he would have a wet spot in the front of his pants.

Most men, including me, prefer more of the penis stimulated. I know it isn’t generally necessary, but Mrs. Lion’s hand, or if I’m lucky, her mouth, moving most of the skin on my penis feels better, more like sex. But gentle circles on that spot will do the same job with the same sensations. Round and round instead of up and down. I wonder if the difference between an up and down and round and round on me is similar to the difference between in and out and round and round on a woman’s clitoris.

Sometimes, the round and round stops being effective. It’s almost as though the sensitive spot has moved a bit or the nerve endings have grown tired of direct stimulation. Is this what happens to a woman if a man concentrates too hard on direct clitoral contact? Effectively bringing a man to orgasm using his clitoral spot takes the same sort of skill he has to use on his female partner when stimulating her in a similar way.

When it comes to sex, maybe men and women aren’t all that different. With men, there’s an easy, obvious way to get him off. Simply wrap your hand or a few fingers around his penis and start moving up and down. So long as there’s some contact or near-contact with that sensitive spot, you can reliably bring him to ejaculation. With a little more finesse, you can support the top of his penis with the palm of one hand and do that delicate little dance on his clitoral spot with a fingertip of the other. With some practice and gaining familiarity with the sexual anatomy of the particular male, you can reliably get him off or edge him with the tip of a finger.

I can’t recall ever being brought to orgasm this way. I’m pretty sure I discouraged it if someone tried. I’m not sure why. It could be the unfamiliarity of the sensations; pure sexual pleasure with none of the accompanying friction. I’m not sure I’ve ever learned to like that. This alternative form of masturbation might be an excellent opportunity to try your hand at conditioning. Can I learn to fully appreciate and respond to the end-to-end fingertip sexual process. Could I learn to be edged and perhaps even ejaculate with my penis resting in the palm of her hand and one finger moving gently on that male clitoral spot?

When it comes to my sexual release I haven’t been particularly experimental. Based on what I’ve seen, heard, and read most men are like me that way. We like the tried-and-true up down, in and out of standard stimulation. Of course, some guys who are locked in a chastity device with an open cage, might be tempted to try to stimulate that spot using a Q-tip or some other device that can fit between the bars. I never tried that. Other than that, I can’t see any particular reason why I would want to change the way I get myself off. I shouldn’t really even say that because I haven’t gotten myself off in over six years.

Anyway, it might be fun for our partners to experiment with this sort of male clitoral stimulation. It might even be fun for us once we get used to the idea.

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  1. My wife likes the circular motion on this dot but more so using the wand on it guarantees to make me cum really quickly

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