Lion was in such rough shape by the time I got home last night I delayed punishing him. He was so stuffy he was working hard not to become a mouth breather. I vacuumed more extensively and he decided the dog was part of the problem. Of course, he’s her human so she tries to stick close to him. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed near him.

Today he’s at work and doing better. I think it’s a pollen issue. There’s no reason he would suddenly be more allergic to the dog. She’s had a bath recently. I think we tracked pollen in when we did yard work the other day. We then sat on the bed and transferred the pollen to the comforter. When I get home I’ll change the comforter to see if that helps.

Despite being stuffy and uncomfortable, Lion was horny. We didn’t really spend too much time together since I was trying to stay with the dog so she wouldn’t be completely alone.