Low Ceiling, Mushy Bed

camper bedroom
Not exactly a roomy dungeon. The low ceiling and lack of walk around room makes play a challenge.

Here it is, the weekend. I’m glad to be able to spend time with my sweet lioness. We have a lot to do. Next weekend we are heading off in our giant camper. It’s the first trip of the year. That means we are provisioning, changing batteries, getting propane and lots of other little things. Actually, it’s not terrible work, but lots of little fiddly bits to remember to handle.

This is the first time we are away together since January. Back then, Mrs. Lion accompanied me on a business trip. We made it into a mini vacation. I’m excited we will travel again. Mrs. Lion promised that this time we will play on our trip. In the past we haven’t really done much at all. Part of the problem is that our bed is foam and Mrs. Lion has a hard time getting good support when she sits. Another is that the bedroom has a rather low ceiling.

We may need to be creative about overcoming these challenges. When Mrs. Lion sets her mind to something, she does it. We’ll have to be creative. The fifth wheel is pretty soundproof, so my yelps won’t be heard by others.

The challenge is motivation. Driving all day and having a big dinner don’t lend themselves to sexual activities. It’s so much easier to sit in our twin recliners and watch satellite TV. More correctly, I watch TV and Mrs. Lion plays games on her iPad. It’s not that I don’t want to play. It’s not up to me.

I don’t want to be another chore for my lioness. Sex is just for me. I try not to think about that, but it’s unavoidable. It seems ungrateful to suggest we play when she is comfortably ensconced in her easy chair. I have a lot of trouble getting around the thought that I am an imposition. It’s the same sort of feeling I had in the old days when I cured my heat with my hand.

This isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault at all. Her unselfish dedication to keeping me sexually occupied (not so much, satisfied) is incredible. Given that, asking for more when we travel just feels wrong. Knowing that at best sex in the camper is inconvenient is further incentive for me to stay silent. Generally, our trips are short enough that it’s no real issue if we don’t get to do much sexually.

It’s not Mrs. Lion’s fault. She’s worked very hard on our power exchange and my sexual pleasure. It’s just a new environment we have to find ways to use.



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    I feel like an imposition at times myself . But my keyholder reminds me that i am always allowed to ask. Just as she is always in the position of power to say no and I must accept it. I asked for this power exchange. But she expects communication now about everything .

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