Too Much Sex

Indians fishing on an Oregon river in 1951. This is what we saw on last year’s adventure. [Photo: Oregon Historical Society]
I gave Lion an oral orgasm last night. It was another four day wait. Last time I made him wait an extra day. I don’t have any plans to make him wait longer. I don’t even have any plans to make him wait four days. At this point I just think it’s a funny thing to do. Like when I gave him an orgasm each day. Lion liked that, until he didn’t. We might make it to the point where he doesn’t want an orgasm every four days.

Lion has been working with a personal trainer to increase strength in his shoulder and get in better shape overall. Last night his hip was hurting. He said maybe it was too much exercise. I asked him if he said “too much sex”. He was quick to repeat exercise. I teased him about saying sex. If he’s getting too much sex we can certainly rectify the situation. It is funny that he wasn’t complaining about his hip until after his orgasm. Just sayin’. [Lion — Actually, I mentioned my aching hip hours before my orgasm]

Tomorrow we’ll be ferrying things back out to the camper and getting it ready for our trip. Clothes and food will go out closer to the day we leave. This weekend is for making sure sheets and towels, cleaning supplies and non-perishables are restocked. We’ll do a quick cleaning to get rid of cobwebs and dust accumulated over the winter. The dog gets a new camper bone and a new camper toy every year. I know she doesn’t really care but it makes us feel good to make her happy.

We’re heading back to an area we’ve been to quite a few times. You’d think we’d run out of things to do but we always find something new. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying a new road like we did last year when we found a river with a sort of scaffolding used by Indians for salmon fishing. We do love our adventures.