Yesterday, Mrs. Lion prepared a great brunch complete with bacon, scrambled eggs, home fries, and english muffins. We rarely have such elaborate meals at home. It was wonderful. Saturday night, when Mrs. Lion edged me, she noticed some red spots at the base of my penis. It was a bit sore there. The Jail Bird sometimes (rarely) will pinch me and make me sore. She decided to leave me wild all night and all day Sunday.

Oddly, I didn’t feel any real interest in touching my penis other than to adjust things when needed. I’m not saying that if wild, a hand will stray from time to time. I guess yesterday wasn’t one of those times.  I know that I’ve written that I think erections and manual stimulation are violations of my power exchange. Mrs. Lion doesn’t agree. Apparently, as long as I don’t play with myself, she is fine with erections when she isn’t present.

I’ve been thinking about it. She’s right. If I’m wild and use the opportunity to get aroused, I’m only helping her to keep me horny and unsatisfied. That makes sense to me. If she leaves me wild, is it implicit permission to have a few erections with the help of my hand. Nope. I’m sure my paws need to stay away. Too bad. If I do attempt to play, I expect she will find a way to prevent further violations.

She’s focusing on more closely monitoring my behavior. She announced that she will be punishing me more frequently because she will be much more aware of my obedience to her and my rules. On Saturday night, I got a  little clear broth on my shirt. She noticed and smiled. It used to be that a spill only counted as an infraction if it left a stain on my shirt. This has been revised. Any spilling on myself, regardless of whether or not it leaves a stain, gets me a spanking.

Saturday night I got spanked for spilling. It was a very light paddling. I barely yelped. But it was strong enough to feel for an hour or so after she finished. She is following through on her promise to be more aware and to punish any slip up no matter how small.

She’s been much more intense when we play. Two heavy applications of Icy Hot on my balls ten minutes apart is a big change. Every time we’ve played recently, she’s gone for the most sensation she can generate. Clothespins used to be a pleasant pinching of my scrotum. It hurts a little and feels good. Now she looks for the spots that will make me yelp. It’s a totally different experience.

I like this change. Lioness 2.0 is finally here to stay. She visited more and more often over the last few months. Now she is here full time. I welcome her. I’m also sure this isn’t the end. Is Lioness 3.0 far away?