Trapped Again

penis in short chastity device
No Vacancy!

As I was getting ready for work this morning, Lion said it would be a good idea to put the cage on. I hadn’t thought about it but it makes sense since he was so horny last night I barely had to touch him to get a reaction. As a matter of fact, he was so excited he almost had an orgasm without much effort on my part.

He says it’s been eight days so he should be horny. Of course those eight days included a battle with a kidney stone and an operation that invaded my weenie. I’d think that would take the wind out of his sails for a bit. Apparently not for very long though. He was a little annoyed that I told him he wasn’t supposed to have sex until the stent is out. He insisted sex uses different areas and he’d be fine.

The last I heard Lion was trying to get an appointment for the stent removal. I assume it will depend how much the removal hurts whether he’ll want sex that night. Tonight, however, I’m almost positive he’ll want to be a free range Lion so I can give him some attention.

Tomorrow Lion is planning to go back to work. He’s been falling asleep in mid-sentence. I hope he’s rested up. I’m sure he doesn’t have to stay all day. As long as he shows up for a while he can leave early. Technically he really only has to be in the office on certain days for meetings. The rest of the time he can work from home. But I’m sure Lion has had enough of being cooped up at home.