Going For The Bait

Enforced male chastity seems like the simplest of kinks; lock a chastity device on your penis and there you go. Right? That’s it. Case closed. Take spanking. It’s easy to convince me to be spanked. I get hard just thinking about it.  Sex is even easier. I’m available when Mrs. Lion wishes. Rub my cock and I obediently get hard and ejaculate. Easy peasy.

It’s possible to spend a lifetime on this level. Most guys, including me, would be quite content with this. My male brain is very good at consistently reacting to these stimuli in the same, predictable way every time. That’s odd since the outcome rarely works out the way I expect.

Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to repeat an activity expecting different results. Take spanking. When Mrs. Lion wants to spank me, I feel a little sexual twinge and obediently roll over on my stomach expecting to get more aroused as she turns me on with her paddle.

It never works out that way. For a short time I’m turned on. Then it starts to hurt. The hurt isn’t sexy at all. I want to get away but I don’t try. By the time I want to get out of range, I know that things will not end well. I also know that I will make things worse for myself if I don’t stay in position. It’s the same story every time. Every time. You’d think I  would learn that my early erection will disappear in a red haze of pain. It’s been years and I haven’t.

The same is true of enforced chastity. I find it very hot to think about my penis locked up by my lioness. I know that most of the time the device will be inconvenient and prevent me from enjoying even a small erection. It’s more fun being wild.

It amazes me that I am so easily manipulated, especially considering that I know it’s happening. I just can’t help myself.  Mrs. Lion frequently comments on that particular irony.  Here I am writing about the way I am so easily controlled. I clearly understand what’s happening. But it doesn’t matter. What’s worse, over time I’ve been trained to accept those spankings and loss of sexual freedom without needing the sexual bait.

At this point, only Mrs. Lion’s disbelief that I can really be trained, limits moving forward more. I know that she will slowly test the waters and her power will grow and mine will diminish. We may be closing in on the next step. Mrs. Lion has dipped her toe into more direct orders she knows I won’t enjoy following. Perhaps we’re moving past “forcing” me to do what I want to do and into more difficult challenges.

Of course, the bait is still there. I’m turned on by the thought she will take more control. I’m pretty sure that when she does, it won’t be fun at all. But then, she’s good with that bait.