this is the hair removal system we bought to tame lion's nether regions. click the image to go to costco product page.
This is the hair removal system we bought to tame Lion’s nether regions. Click the image to go to Costco product page.

Another Friday. Another week almost in the books. We have no plans for the weekend. No outside plans. No concerts. No appointments. We are free to do chores and Lion things. It’s been a few weeks since I had Lion in his sling. He might wind up in there. I’ve also had an idea for pretty toes. No diaper ideas though so that’s a win for Lion.

We took a break from anal training last night. I looked for a different dildo but I only found bigger ones or smaller ones. Actually, at this point, there’s no reason Lion couldn’t use the fucking machine. He’s had that dildo in him already. And my idea was to just have him sitting on it at first. I wasn’t going to turn it on right away. I should be able to get just the right portion of the dildo sticking out so he doesn’t have to take the whole thing for the first few tries. Maybe he’ll feel more adventurous than I think he will, but I won’t pressure him.

The other reason for anal training was the 2.0 nJoy butt plug. I think he might be ready for it already. The reason I’m hesitating is that it has large shoulders. Once he stretches to accommodate it, he will close up and we might have some trouble getting it out again. If I stretch him with the larger dildo, he’ll be used to the size. So this weekend, I’d like to get him ready for the 2.0 nJoy using the bigger dildo.

Last weekend we got a new hair removal system. It uses pulses of light (not laser). From the fuzziness on Lion’s balls, I’d say it doesn’t work very well, but I know that even lasers take several weeks to be effective. We’ll try it for a few more weeks before we make a decision. The instructions said to shave the area first and then use the light gun. It seems to me he’s actually fuzzier a week later than he normally is a week after our other hair removal technique. Is it possible we got a grow light instead of a hair removal light? Again, hair removal takes time. And I may not have been as consistent with the application. Without laying down a grid on Lion’s skin, it’s very difficult to move just slightly to the next spot and keep track of where you’ve zapped already. With shaving you can tell. If there’s hair then you missed a spot. Not so with light.

It’s clear that our weekends are busy. Between household chores and Lion chores, there’s never a dull moment.