Why We Both Want Me Caged

jailbird chastity device

I think there is more to enforced male chastity than a kinky fetish for penis bondage. Yes, admittedly that was what drew me to it. I find it very hot. Let’s face it, enforced chastity is a male invention. It’s born of some very hot fantasies of orgasm denial and manipulation through withholding of sex.

I think, in reality, this fetish is the end of a lifelong process. It’s the hot culmination of a long history of male sexual experience.

Males are biologically designed to want sex almost all of the time. It’s one of our main social drivers. We date with the objective of a happy ending. Females are more complicated. For one thing, a significant consequence of sex for a woman is pregnancy. For guys, sex is sex. Ejaculation is the goal.

Of course, females love orgasms. But sex doesn’t necessarily end with that orgasm. At least, that’s our biological programming. Obviously, birth control has reduced the probability of pregnancy, but it never goes to zero.

More significantly, the social and biological programming that women experience is very different from males.

We don’t get off that easily. Being driven to ejaculate, makes us vulnerable to easy manipulation. Some teenage girls become very skilled at using male sexual desire to domesticate their boyfriends.

We sex-driven males understand this and enthusiastically buy in. After all, we see a path to getting off. Please her and get a happy ending. That’s a fair price for some humiliation.

In most cases, we come to realize that masturbating can remove a lot of complication from life. At this point we are less vulnerable to being led around by our cocks. We obviously prefer a female body part, even a hand, to our own self stimulation. So the feminine power largely remains.

Married men continue to masturbate. I did. Mrs. Lion wasn’t my only sexual outlet. My penis was still my toy that I shared with my lioness. My fantasies of surrendering power gravitated toward surrendering my toy; literally locking it up in a little cage.

So, it was my fantasy that brought me to ask to be locked up. Wearing the cage trained me to stop masturbating. But if uncaged, I can masturbate. I just know it’s not allowed.

When I think about the fact that I can disobey, I’m not tempted, but I realize that without being physically locked up, my penis is hers by agreement. When I am locked in that little cage, physical ownership is hers and hers alone.

On some level, I think that Mrs. Lion realizes this. She’s articulated that she wants me locked up again. She hasn’t given a reason, but I think she prefers my penis under her full, physical control. The reason may be that regardless of how much she trusts me, she may like the elimination of my need to cooperate. Once the device is on, my cooperation is not needed. It’s hers and hers alone.

Even if she never uses withdrawal of sexual pleasure as a disciplinary tool, when locked in that little cage I know that Mrs. Lion controls my most primal need.

[Mrs. Lion – I know Lion loves bondage and the cage is a form of bondage. But the main reason I want my weenie locked away is to remind Lion who’s in charge. It’s also fun when he says he wants to be wild and I can say, innocently of course, “But you asked to be locked up. What can I do about it?”]