Chastity 101: The Best Male Chastity Device For You

I’m definitely getting better. It’s still difficult to walk painlessly, but I’m much better. My last few posts have been about chastity basics. When we started this blog, I realized that as Mrs. Lion and I grew in our male chastity practice, new readers might find what we discuss as being either too advanced, or worse, totally irrelevant to their lives.

Because I’m naturally curious, I’ve never stopped exploring enforced chastity devices. When I started looking for chastity hardware, I read everything I could find online. I learned where to order devices and got advice on how to measure for one.

We tried a number of devices. Most were cheap ones from China. None of them were very comfortable. Eventually, I ordered a Jail Bird from Mature Metal. This remains my favorite device. It wasn’t perfect when I ordered it.

My first Jail Bird was even worse than the Chinese device! It was way too long. I followed the measuring instructions, but still the head of my penis was far from the end of the device. When this kind of bad fit occurs, the head of my penis “wanders” and the urethra ends up straddling one of the bars. This makes peeing impossible without lots of spray.

Mrs. Lion and I finally decided to have Mature Metal adjust this cage. They do that at a reasonable cost. We shortened it from 1-3/4″ to only 1-1/4″ long.That made all the difference in the world.

My flaccid penis is longer than the 1-1/4″ length of the new Jail Bird. Depending on whether I am standing or sitting, it measures from 1-1/2″ to 2″. Nevertheless, the shorter cage is much more comfortable and effective than one the same length as my penis.

All this information is important. As I’ve written before, cage length really has no direct relationship with the length of the penis. In fact, the advantages of “too short” far outweigh wearing a longer cage.

We were among the first to discover this. My original page Getting A Good Fit, spent a lot of time discussing cage length. The updated version suggests the shortest possible cage. The shortest Jail Bird is 1-1/4″ long. Of course, the Jail Bird is over $400. It’s custom made. Delivery takes between one and two months.

Cage diameter is important. It shouldn’t be much more than 1/2″ inches narrower than your measured penis diameter. To measure, lay your soft penis across a ruler. That’s plenty accurate.

If you’re just starting out on your chastity adventure, I hope this information will help you avoid some bumps in the road.


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    Couldn’t agree more about the shorter cage. Have been in a metal/short cage device since early December. 24/7 except for hygiene and edging/relief as per my keyholder. No problems at all . Like it way more than the HT II we started with.

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