We’re Serious

Yesterday’s conference was as boring as I’d thought it would be. There was really no point in going, especially when management refuses to implement anything learned there. But they did pay me for the day so that’s something.

There seems to be a general consensus that I should have Lion’s trainer report to me if Lion slacks off with his exercise program. Lion says she looks vanilla. I wonder if I don’t look vanilla. I think Lion looks vanilla. There is nothing about his appearance that would make you guess he’s anything else. I think most people hide their kinky sides. Unless you’re in a profession that let’s you wear anything and you aren’t afraid of repercussions, you hide it.

At any rate, I’m not really inclined to ask his trainer for reports. That may change as we get back to normal. Or, of course, if Lion starts giving me grief about my own eating and exercising habits. Don’t poke the Lioness.

The other night we did take a step toward normalcy. I edged Lion orally. I got him very close. Very, very close. He wanted to come so badly. Nope. He’s waiting. How long? I don’t know. He may have to wait until we are solidly back to normal. Or he may get another “cleaning of the pipes” in a few days. Everything is still up in the air. The Box O’Fun hasn’t been touched. I let him get away with not reminding me about punishment day until after 8:30 pm. He interrupted me a few times in the past few days.

The first step, I think, may be manscaping and a return of the cage. I can accomplish both this weekend if I put my mind to it. I think the cage will signify that we’re serious about things returning to the way they should be. It’s interesting how the cage is no longer needed for orgasm control but is definitely needed for other reasons.