A Day About Nothing

We spent yesterday in bed. Neither of us wore a stitch of clothing. We both slept on and off. There wasn’t even a hint of sex or, for that matter, FLRD. We just relaxed. Today promised to be quiet too. Though we have a dinner reservation for Mrs. Lion’s birthday dinner. That will be fun.

A couple of days ago, I attempted to do some manscaping. I figured that I could save Mrs. Lion some work. I use a Norelco body shaver. I managed to nick my balls in several, painful places. I think the blades are getting dull. I ordered a new razor head yesterday. Hopefully, that will reduce the carnage.

We also binge-watched “Mozart in the Jungle” yesterday. I love that show because it is about two of my favorite things: Manhattan and classical music. We had a two-year backlog. I didn’t get through all of it, but enough to sate me for now.

Clearly, none of this has a thing to do about power exchanges or sex. Well, sex wasn’t on my mind. I had a very nice orgasm on Friday night. Mrs. Lion let me hump her hand until I came. That’s very good exercise! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All that edging took something out of me, I guess.

Once I am clear of this illness, I’m sure things will clear up. Meanwhile, we are both of very good cheer. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will have more to say later today.


  1. Author

    How nice to spend your day like that, Master hates staying in bed once he’s awake. Whereas I used to love a lie in. I tend to do it, midweek if I’ve nothing on. Hood you have a nice chilled out day xxxx

    1. Author

      It’s unusual for me to want a day in bed too. This Is A treat!

      1. Author

        Well I hope you’ve enjoyed it, you probably still need a rest after being poorly for so long. Just take it nice and steady xxxxxx

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