Spring Cleaning

It appears Lion is back to himself again. He’s horny. He’s rock hard. He’s satisfied.

I edged him quite a few times when he started bucking. At first I let him go. Then I took over again. I knew he was very horny or he wouldn’t be bucking. I also knew this was prime time to edge him and get him more worked up.

After a while, though, I just grabbed my cock and held on. I tickled his balls. He snuck a peek to see what was happening before he realized I was encouraging him to buck. And boy did he. He was working very hard to get over the edge.

Even though Lion was newly horny after being sick, I decided he needed to come. The pipes had to be cleaned out. All that old semen had to go. Early spring cleaning. And what better way than to make him do it himself. This is different from him masturbating. He may be the one controlling the speed and motion, but I could stop him at any time. All I had to do was loosen my grip or release it entirely.

Unfortunately, the pipes didn’t get very cleaned out. I think Lion was sick for so long the semen gave up. There was mostly just watery ejaculate with a small dot of more substantial semen. I guess we’ll have to try again.

Lion informed me that his wait was eighteen days. For at least two weeks of it he didn’t care about sex. He just wanted to sleep and breathe without being stuffy or coughing. Now that he’s back to 80% or so (he still wants to nap a lot) he’ll care more about being teased.

He’s still wild. What am I waiting for? I’ve said before, I’ll know when it’s time. I think I just want us both to feel better before I bring the cage back.