I’ve been sitting here for quite a while trying to come up with a post. I’m usually the play-by-play reporter and when there’s no play there’s nothing to report. We just had a quite day of snoozing off and on yesterday. Lion caught up on some shows he likes to watch. I caught up in my iPad. (There’s no way to catch up really. I just played games.)

This morning I made breakfast and Lion was off to snoozeland a little while later. Normally we’d be running all over the place shopping and other errands but I have to tell you, this cold has knocked both of us for a loop. Every time we think we’re coming out the other side, we find ourselves napping. Yesterday my throat was sore again and Lion was coughing. Today I’m trying to make it through the laundry and later on we’re going out for my birthday dinner postponed from last weekend. It’s a sunny day so I’m feeding off of the bright rays outside.

That’s really all there is to say. I won’t promise any manscaping today. One of us is either cold or napping while the other is wide awake. I’m not sure how horny Lion will feel after feasting on wonderful Italian food later. It’s just been a nice quiet weekend. I know Lion gets cabin fever very easily but I live for seclusion. It’s just one of our many opposites.

Once I finish this post I’ll shuffle the laundry around and go snuggle under the covers with Lion. We’ll hold hands and snooze some more.

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