The Accidental Nudist

my flat ass and legs
This is my body. I have a small, flat ass and fairly thin legs. The kind of jeans I had been buying hung off me in a very unflattering, baggy way.

I am sorry our long weekend is over. It was really good to be with Mrs. Lion for four straight days. Now we are back to the same old routine. Since I’m working from home and I can’t really drive, the number of hours I wear clothing is a tiny fraction of each day. In fact, days go by when I don’t wear a stitch. When Mrs. Lion comes home from work, she generally removes all of her clothing as well. I guess we’re accidental nudists. We certainly don’t have a political or social agenda about not wearing clothing. I don’t wear any because it’s a rule I must follow. I’m not sure exactly why Mrs. Lion started being naked at home. Maybe she caught it from me. [Mrs. Lion – I think I did catch it from Lion in the beginning. Plus, it seems wasteful to put on clean clothes for just a few hours. Now, I stay naked, or not fully clothed, because it’s warm in the house. I guess having a naked Lion means having a warmer house.] In my case, at least, it cuts down on the laundry. Last week, for example, I only had two pairs of socks and two pairs of shorts. That means I wore clothes only twice: both times to go to physical therapy.

I know a lot of the nudist community thinks going au natural is better for the health. From the pictures I’ve seen, nudists seem to spend all their time at the beach. I suppose that’s good for the health as long as you wear enough sunblock. In any case, I can’t think of the last post I wrote while wearing clothing.

We don’t always publish every comment we get. Some people want to use our blog as a place to publish one of their own. They generally send long, rambling stories about some chastity or female domination activity. They almost never have a thing to do with what we write about. I think those people should go to the time, trouble, and expense of having their own blogs. I like to think that comments we do print, represent part of the dialogue where we all learn from one another.

While we got rid of a lot of boxes this past weekend, the supply of cartons containing our belongings seems endless. Some of the things I consider essential, like a WebCam for business meetings and my trusty point-and-shoot digital camera remain among the missing. I decided to replace them. It’s an expense I didn’t want to have, but I need both in the very near future. I will be writing a comprehensive review of the Evotion chastity device and that will require considerable photography. Mrs. Lion needs to use her phone when she wants to take a picture of my nether regions to illustrate some point either to you or to me. That’s inconvenient and not nearly as useful as our little digital camera.

Even though I had an orgasm only a couple of days ago, I’ve been feeling pretty frisky. I hope that means I’ve gotten past the current difficulties that Mrs. Lion has had edging me. I guess we lions are creatures of habit. That applies to pretty much everything. We both miss the snuggle and edging sessions. We’ve been trying to figure out a better schedule for play. I’m still having a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. I’m getting to watch a lot of streaming TV at two or three in the morning. Sometimes, I fall asleep while watching this early morning TV, and wake up missing an entire episode. That’s helpful because it lets me figure how much sleep I got. It looks like I get 2 to 3 hours of sleep-during-TV a night, and another three or four hours the conventional way. That’s not too bad though it still leaves me feeling tired and out of sorts during the day.

Neither Mrs. Lion or nor I have a lot of fashion consciousness. I’ve always bought jeans based on my waist size and inseam. Various styles eluded me. Usually, I ended up buying randomly. It turns out that almost all of my purchases are “relaxed fit”. That means the thighs and butt have extra space. I have a flat ass. Thank goodness Mrs. Lion likes it. She teases me that she spanks me where my butt ought to be.

Anyway, after a comment about my flat rear end, I wondered if there was something I could do to either bulk it up, or at the very least make it look as good as it can. So, I did a Google search on, “jeans to make a flat ass look better”. To my surprise, there were quite a few references. Actually, my first search was on how to make my butt fill out a bit more. I have to wear suspenders because the combination of my narrow hips and absent gluteus maximus, wearing a belt does no good and pants just slide off my hips and down.

Anyway, I didn’t see any rational suggestions on how to improve the shape of my rear. So then I looked for suggestions on how to look better if plagued by a small butt. That’s when I found out why there are so many different kinds of jeans for men. Apparently, each style is geared toward a specific body type. One informative article suggested that if you buy “slim fit” jeans, it draws attention away from the flat rear end and accentuates the nice general shape of your lower body.

Of course, this only works if you have a nice shape to your lower body. Fortunately, mine is pretty good. I have muscular, but not very big thighs and my lower legs and knees are in proportion. So I ordered a pair of slim fit jeans in my waist and inseam size. It was kind of odd getting into them. I was used to the baggy feel of wide-thigh legs and roomy calf space. I actually felt friction as I pulled the jeans on over my legs. It wasn’t exactly tight. It was just a nice, close fit. I didn’t have a ton of cloth hanging down behind me. While the jeans didn’t exactly hug my ass, they didn’t leave space for two or three more. It turns out that I looked pretty good in these jeans. I ordered several more of the style.

There are so many things I don’t know. Clothing facts are major areas of ignorance for me. I never even imagined there was any place I could go for advice. I figured that women spent their time thinking about fashion, guys don’t. Apparently they do, or there wouldn’t be 1500 different kinds of Levi’s. I suppose if I were a real nudist, I wouldn’t have to worry about the best jeans to conform to my body. Although, I’m sure even the most orthodox of the naturists have to put on clothing now and then. So they also probably look for things that make them look better.

I wonder if the “real” naturists express their fashion sense by how they groom their body hair. In the pictures I’ve seen, very few women or men for that matter, have any pubic hair. That’s nice to find out. If I ever get to go to a nude beach I’ll fit right in.