Suspending Disbelief

Guys who wear chastity devices, do so because they want them. There is a widely-held fiction that the devices are locked on and the keyholder has irrevocable control of her male’s penis. This is necessary to enhance the feeling of bondage and control that is desired. A lot of what I read confuses the reality of enforced chastity with the mythology. I’ve said that before, but I’ve only recently come to realize how profoundly it affects me.

The recent transition I’ve made from being wild back to wearing my cage is a case in point. I felt the need to be locked again. But, I didn’t want it unless Mrs. Lion decided she wants me locked up. If she’s willing to lock me and I want it, logically that should be enough. But it wasn’t.

That’s what got me thinking. Why should it matter who wants me in the cage? If I want to wear it, and my lioness is willing to be my keyholder, shouldn’t that be enough? It should, but somehow it isn’t. I don’t want to be the reason my penis is in a locked chastity device. Of course, I realize it is. But, the game doesn’t work for me if we play it that way.

I know that a lot of guys manage their own cages. They put them on and take them off. Many, actually keep the keys. They like wearing a chastity device and their fire doesn’t need the fuel of a keyholder who demands they keep it on.

I suspect that most couples find a balance when it comes to enforced chastity. The keyholders show a preference for their partners to wear a chastity device. The men honor it and wear them. This is a completely reasonable way to support enforced chastity. My preference is for Mrs. Lion to be much more active in her control. I really like that I can’t unlock myself and that Mrs. Lion won’t let me stop wearing it.

I know what you’re thinking. I can get out of the cage if I try hard enough. That’s true. But I would never try. I am very aware that I asked to be locked. Escape would be silly. That’s why I chuckle when I reed about guys looking for high security devices. In the first place, any device that is very difficult to escape, is likely to be really uncomfortable to wear. All the spikes and other anti-pullout hardware are uncomfortable, especially when an erection starts to happen.

For enforced chastity to work for me, I have to suspend disbelief. I have to believe that Mrs. Lion is committed to keeping me locked up. The more she supports this belief, the more real my experience. What does supporting my enforced chastity ask of her?

I like it when she reminds me that she controls the device and only lets me out for her purposes. It strongly reinforces my sense of submission when she locks me up immediately after she is done with my penis. That sends a strong message to me. I can’t explain why I feel that way. It isn’t logical, but it signals strong control to me.

My point is that it’s important for both the keyholder and caged male to talk about what enforced chastity means. Both have to agree on how the lockup should proceed. This ongoing communication is critical to any power exchange. It’s especially important when it involves hardware locked on the male’s penis 24/7.


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    nicely written. i wear mine and keep the key as i have noone anymore. She never embraced FLR or chastity. She thought and still thinks i’m whimpy.

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