Last night, punishment night, earned its name. As Mrs. Lion promised in her post, I was spanked. Details will be in her post later today. I’m writing this before actually being punished. Punishment time is usually after dinner and we’ve both had our showers. She often says that my butt is more tender after a nice, hot shower. I’m sure she’s right. For the record, I didn’t interrupt to get punished. I suspect that after my post yesterday, she became more aware of my bad habit.

Apparently, I’m going back to wearing the Jail Bird full time. Now that lock up is inevitable, I will enjoy my waning hours being wild. I truly have a love-hate relationship with wearing a chastity device. On one hand, it is arousing to be locked up. The feelings that inspired me to ask Mrs. Lion to start all this, remain. They’re not as strong, but they’re there.

On the other hand, it’s very convenient and comfortable to be wild. I can pee standing up. I can feel erections now and then. I’m not too worried about discovery. But when wild, there is absolutely no issue.

I’m equally ambivalent about our FLR with discipline. I think it is the right thing for us, but there are times I don’t like it. Those times often come when I am told to roll over to get spanked. I may not be in the mood to be spanked. Ahh! Not in the mood, am I? I see the obvious silliness with that. But at moments when my role is inconvenient or too painful, I wonder what I got myself into.

I used to have those moments with enforced chastity too. There were plenty of times I really hated having that cage locked on. Over time, those moments became less and less frequent. Once I’m settled in again, it will just be there. Dealing with the inconveniences of wearing a chastity device will just be part of my life.

Many years ago when my pubic hair was first removed, I was extremely self conscious about not having hair. When I had an appointment with a doctor who needed me undressed,  I would make it far enough in advance so that I could grow the hair back. Then, after the appointment. I would remove it again.

After a while, I didn’t care as much. I had laser hair removal and growing it back was no longer an option.  I had some twinges now and then, but by and large I stopped worrying. Of course, I had no choice. The hair is gone for good. Having no choice made it easier to stop worrying about how people would react. I was unable to do anything to change it.

This same logic holds true for being caged. When it’s clear that the cage is locked on and will remain on, there is no point in complaining about inconveniences or possible discovery. Like the removal of my pubic hair. It’s done. Period. No more wild lions here.


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    So well said! I loved your explanation of the hair removal and equating it to being caged.

  2. Author

    Hmm you don’t like punishments huh? I guess they work then 😉

    1. Author

      If a punishment is sexy “fun”, it won’t work. It become reinforcement for behavior you want to change. I like spanking in the BDSM sense. In scenes I have been bruised and felt the spanking for days after. But that isn’t the same as punishment spanking. For one thing, the context isn’t sexual. It’s all business. “Roll over.” “Bend over” and then Mrs. Lion paddles me.

      Paddles, unlike canes, sting much more than feel “thuddy”. They are a very good punishment instrument of choice. You can still bruise and get a butt painfully red with a paddle. The process will be much less enjoyable. My spankings go on well past when I would want them to stop. Hard paddle swats are incredibly and unpleasantly painful. Mrs. Lion has to do some buildup similar to a play spanking. We tried with her starting with very hard swats. I couldn’t take more than a few. But if she builds up her swats, she can go on as long as she wants without it becoming more than I can handle (“handle” does not mean “want”. It means before I can’t manage the pain.

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