Pointing and Laughing

I’m not sure if Lion was horny last night. We snuggled a bit and I tried to get him hard. He didn’t respond. It’s not a crisis. He probably just wasn’t in the mood. Odd, I know, but it does happen from time to time. I’m a little surprised because he was horny the night before. No big deal. Stuff happens.

I’ve pretty much decided that Lion will be back in his cage full time again in the near future. I won’t tell him when because I want him to stop asking me about it. Of course I know he can now tell me I said I’ll lock him up but when? Is it time yet? How about now? Now? And then one of two things will happen: I can immediately lock him up or I can tell him he blew it and he won’t be locked up. Actually, a third thing can happen. I can beat his butt till he can’t sit down. (And don’t push me until I choose that option, Lion. Right now you owe me for interrupting a few times today.)

I don’t expect Lion to be an angel when I lock him up but I’m also expecting him to not complain (too much) about the cage being back on. I know he likes it better when he’s unlocked. I know it pinches sometimes. I know he’ll miss being able to get hard. But why would he want the cage back on? I don’t often try to understand him anymore. I just give him what he wants, within reason.

Lion is enjoying his last hours, maybe days, of freedom. When I do lock him up it will be up to me when I unlock him and for how long. I do ask that he remind me if it seems I’ve forgotten to lock him up again. I tend to forget things; a lot. At some point I may want to give him time off for good behavior. I’ll decide when and for how long. I’ll decide if he is caged or not for business trips and camping trips. I’ll decide where the key is kept. I’ll take his emergency key away when I lock him up this time. If he gets himself into a situation where he needs that emergency key but he no longer has it, I reserve the right to point and laugh at him while singing, “I told you so. I told you so.” And then I get to punish him as I see fit. Assuming, of course, that the reason he needed to key is not a serious illness or injury.

Those are my plans as of now. If Lion wants to talk me out of locking him up, he has until bedtime Friday to do so. That does not mean the cage will go on at that time. It will go on when I say it will go on unless he persuades me otherwise by the deadline.

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    Is it ok to be jealous a little bit? 😉 just kidding. Haha

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