Mild Punishment

spanking lion with paddle tramp paddle
Lion is modelling the Paddle Tramp paddle we keep in the kitchen. It’s a perfect size and packs a very big wallop. Click image for larger view.

I thought about spanking Lion last night before I took my shower but I decided I always do it afterwards. Then I forgot. It wasn’t until I was edging him that I remembered his punishment. Obviously I couldn’t do it then so I had to wait. The next time I thought about it was in the kitchen so I grabbed the kitchen paddle.

Lion asked if I was sure I wanted to do it there. Was he questioning me? No. Admittedly, he didn’t get as hard a spanking as he would have gotten in the bedroom but his cheeks still got pink. And if he thinks he got away with anything I can always give him more swats just for the hell of it.

I don’t think I was any more aware of him interrupting yesterday simply because he’d mentioned it in a post the other day. Maybe I’d been letting him slide but yesterday it annoyed me more. Whatever it was he seems to be on his best behavior again. Today he asked for permission to go out to dinner tonight. He usually just asks if I want to go out. Today he said, “May we go out to dinner tonight?” It reminded me of the Mother May I? game we used to play in grade school. He’s certainly minding his manners. Good boy! I guess even a light punishment has an effect.

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    My mistress writes down any transgressions in her journal in case she forgets. She also now requires me to remind her of any punishments I may have earned & if I don’t, then the punishment is worse, or another punishment altogether is added.

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