Yesterday it finally happened. After 28  days Mrs. Lion gave me a fantastic blow job culminating with a truly awesome orgasm. This is the record wait for me. Mrs Lion said that it may be the all time record for me. I’m glad.

I was concerned that after such a long wait my orgasm would be more pain than fun. It wasn’t. OK, it also wasn’t the best ever, but it was very good and lasted longer than any orgasm I can remember. Relief at last!

I think we both learned from the long wait. My interest in ejaculation waxed and waned and then returned with a vengeance. Even though I was edged almost every night, the sharp punctuation of ejaculation made a dent in our intimacy. I can’t explain it, but we both noticed.

I enjoyed breaking my record. It was more of a “See I can do it,” than any real feeling of accomplishment. I’m not interested in treating sex as an abstinence challenge. I prefer a balance between the tension of waiting and the ultimate satisfaction of ejaculation.

The deed was done late Saturday afternoon. Now I am basking in the glow of my long-delayed release. So, please excuse the very brief post. I want to go back to basking.