The Return of Mr. Weenie

Of course Mr. Weenie never really left. He was just not interested. Last night he was back in full force. Standing tall and proud while I edged him. I love the feel of Lion when he’s very hard. Such soft skin covering a powerful cock.

I believe we’ve concluded our experiment. We now know if Lion will lose interest with a long wait and how long it will take to get him interested again. I never wanted him to wait 28 days but here we are. I wonder, since he kept insisting on 28 days, if he didn’t somehow subconsciously lose interest and regain it so he’d have to wait 28 days. Is it possible for him to have done that? If it is, I know he didn’t do it on purpose.

We’ve done all of our Thanksgiving shopping early. Except for picking up some prescriptions from the store, we have no errands to run. I have to clean the house both for Lion’s allergies and for guests we’re having for Thanksgiving. And I have the usual laundry to do. Other than that, the weekend is free for play. Lion will be in the sling at some point today and, if I remember, he’ll be in the perfect position for part one of manscaping. I can shave him while he’s splayed out in front of me.

Before Lion is even done with this wait, he’s angling for November to be a one orgasm month. I’m not so sure. I like having the freedom to make him come whenever I want him to come. This long wait (for us) was sort of stressful. In some areas I do well under pressure. In others I don’t. Plus, I love Lion’s crème filling. I want it. I’m fairly sure Lion will end his wait this weekend. I don’t know about November being a one orgasm month. That would be another longish wait back to back with his record wait.

So I’m hearing you scream, “Go for it!” and “Make him wait!” The thing is, I’m realizing that he’s so close to a month (30 days) without an orgasm and the longer he waits this time, the less his wait will be next time and now I’m thinking it would be better to wait until he’s actually made it the thirty days before giving him his orgasm. And then later I’ll get him in the sling and feel his hard cock and change my mind. I don’t know.

What I do know is that if I make him wait for a full 30 days, that record will stand for a very long time if not permanently. We proved we could wait that long. We found out how long it takes for Lion to lose and regain interest. End of experiment and of experiments like it. I’m happy with our shorter waits. I think Lion is too.

[Lion – 30 days? Oh no!]

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  1. Author

    Very interesting and keeping Lion somewhat in control and controlling your feelings.
    i am a big believer in FLR and think You should get what You want. However , i so enjoy how You have his interests in mind. A true loving relationship and that is what life should be. Thanks for sharing

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