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Yesterday, I wrote (link) about a view of enforced chastity that doesn’t center on  the male abstaining from orgasm. It was about the keyholder using the male’s penis as a toy for her own pleasure. His orgasms become a problem because when she uses him as an insertion toy, he can ejaculate uninvited. Ejaculation and male orgasm become inconveniences for her. Under different circumstances, his orgasm can be withheld by limiting stimulation (edging). But when the penis is needed to satisfy his keyholder, another strategy is needed.

Clearly, the classic making-him-wait-for-an-orgasm strategy will deny her the pleasure she desires. She could find a different penis for her pleasure. This eliminates the reliance on the caged male staying “dry.” Not every couple is prepared to add another male to the mix. In that case, the caged male’s cock is the only available toy.

In that case, the penis needs to be available for action when she wishes and can’t be allowed to squirt without her permission. I think that calls for scheduled ejaculation. That means the caged male will be made to ejaculate each time he is in danger of making a mess inside his keyholder. The intervals between ejaculation will probably be considerably shorter than they would under typical orgasm control. This suggests that the male needs to be trained to look at ejaculation differently.

Before I go on, please note that ruined orgasms are not going to work in this scenario. While the ruined orgasm gets rid of the semen, it doesn’t reduce the need to orgasm. Our goal is to keep the need to come at an easily controllable level. To do that, we need to let him go through the full ejaculation cycle. That’s where the training comes in.

The male needs to be taught to treat ejaculation as another routine bodily function. Ejaculation may come with pleasurable sensation, but he has to learn this sensation is not something he is to crave. Impossible? Maybe, but worth trying if the goal is to convert his penis into a reliable dildo.

When Mrs. Lion first locked me up, she decided that my surrender doesn’t necessarily mean I have to wait a long time to come. Why not make me come every day? So, she jerked me off every day. It didn’t take too long for me to ask her to give me some more time between ejaculations. The too-frequent stimulation stopped feeling all that good. I don’t know if the same thing will happen with other men, but I suspect it will. It may take more than one session a day, but over time I bet he will just hope to get it over with and ejaculate as soon as he can.

At that point, ejaculation and the sensations that go with it, are not so much fun. This can be enhanced by offering no stimulation other than rapid massage of the penis. Essentially, just have him stand in front of you, drop his pants, you unlock him and then you (or him if you prefer) should just get down to business until he ejaculates completely.  Then stop, make him stand  until he gets soft, lock him up and have him pull up his pants. Then he can clean up any mess on the floor or other surfaces. That’s it. With the drama and ancillary stimulation he needs to have fun removed, he can learn to ejaculate with little fuss or pleasure.

The timing between these ejaculation sessions is based on a balance between him not being able to get it up for his keyholder and his inability to prevent ejaculation while inside her. Orgasms can still be used as a reward. Once he has learned that ejaculating is just a routine activity with no particular pleasure, you can give him “specials” where you tease and edge him, provide him with the kind of stimulation he used to love. Then, bring him to an intense orgasm.

I admit that this is just an idea I have. It isn’t anything I want or need for myself. However, it seems to me that this is just another flavor of orgasm control. The goal is to separate orgasm and ejaculation. If you can do that, then he can ejaculate frequently enough to make his penis a useful dildo for you without risk of an orgasm. Then, when you, the keyholder, decide to reward him with an orgasm you can do it.

What do you think? Is this something worth trying?

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    It seems like orgasm control, on the part of the male, is a more attainable thing. If he can learn to control it until allowed, he can still do what she wants/needs and he can still participate, but his drive and desire remain high, which is a leveling factor for a lot of people.

    Myself included. If I were on a schedule, perhaps that has some utility to it, but I think it would bleed off the desire and other things that drive to make this chastity change relationships and keep many males on an even keel. I have come to learn how to control it (a stop here and there is necessary some times) and I think she gets a lot more out of the strong desire and my control (and her control of me), than would be the case if my desire weren’t “managed.”

    It’s not to say I’m incompetent at controlling my attitude and my mental state, but I can tell you that control has been a surprisingly strong influence in our relationship. I don’t think scheduled orgasms would have the same impact.

    All of this IMHO of course, and everyone is different, it’s just been my experience and thought I’d toss it out there.

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