No No-vember

As I was playing with Lion in the sling yesterday I came up with a title for today’s post. It was going to be “No-vember” because at that point in time I was considering having Lion wait until December 1 for his orgasm. The problem I’m having is that I think we’re closer to the end of November. There’s still quite a bit of month left over after Thanksgiving. Ultimately I decided his wait was long enough.

What happens now? As I’ve said, I was not prepared for how the long wait would affect me. I like giving Lion orgasms. I hate being under the stress of having to stop short to avoid an orgasm that would end the try for a record run. It’s been at least two years since we set the previous 21-day record. (I deemed his 22-day wait inconsequential since it was after his surgery and he didn’t care about sex at all.) Clearly we’re not concerned about long waits. We’ll probably go back to our normal four to ten days with a few slightly longer thrown in for good measure.

Yesterday Lion said he thinks he misses wearing the cage. He says having access to an emergency key is not the best idea. I wouldn’t put the cage back on him if he didn’t have the emergency key. What if he’s injured and needs medical attention? He can’t go in an MRI with the cage on. It will show up plain as day in an x-ray. “Do you have any metal implants?” “No, but I have a cage on my cock.” I’d rather he has the means to remove it than have it cut off. I’m putting my foot down on that one.

Will we go back to the cage? I don’t know. I think I view it the same way I view diapers and panties. It’s not an every day thing but once in a while would be fun. I also stand by the idea of it perhaps being used as punishment. If Lion can’t follow rules he should feel my power.

While we’re on the subject, I might try something different for a bit. A new experiment of sorts. Maybe I’ll tell Lion when he’ll have an orgasm and if he breaks a rule I’ll decide whether I want to spank him or make him wait another day. I haven’t worked out the bugs yet. I just now thought of it. But if I were to tell him, say on a Wednesday during our normal email conversations, that he would be getting an orgasm that night and during the course of the day he spilled food or interrupted, the punishment could be spanking or loss of that orgasm. My choice, of course. And I guess it wouldn’t be limited to one day. There’s no reason I couldn’t make him wait two or three or more depending on how severe infraction. Every so often Lion brings that idea up in a post and wonders why I’ve only ever done it once. Well, new experiment. We’ll try it and see how it works.

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    Certainly Mrs. Lion’s feeling about the safety of having an “emergency” key is the standard logic. However, when my wife and I first started playing with chastity, I realized that never, in 50-mumble years, had I ever been in a situation where access to an emergency key would be a life-or-death situation. In the outlying chance of a major car accident requiring an MRI, the cage is obvious enough that the hospital staff couldn’t help but see it, and they have tools they’re not afraid to use if necessary.

    I realize that this may be considered to be a rather cavalier attitude by some, but it’s one that we’re comfortable with. I regularly go on extended car trips (400 miles) to visit family, locked and unaccompanied by my wife or a spare key, and feel comfortable doing so.

    Regarding the delay of orgasm for infractions: I think that’s a fairly hot idea. We personally don’t use chastity as “punishment”, preferring it merely to be directed by my wife’s whim, but for minor violations, in a good-natured manner, I think it would be fine. I certainly do find an unexpected denial when I’m expecting an orgasm to be a somewhat delicious tease.

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