Bus Pants

lion barbecuing naked
Nudity at home extends to our deck. Here I am smoking some ribs.

We’ve both written about rules I follow. One rule, my first, goes back fifteen years. That one is simple: no clothes in the house. If I am cold, I can wear a t-shirt, but that’s it.The rule applies at home, in hotels, anywhere I go when not exposed to the public. Obedience at this point, is automatic. I have no idea what I would wear indoors, if allowed.

I started thinking about this the other day. It isn’t a matter of staying in my “street clothes”. We both like to lie on the bed to watch TV. I am in no danger of getting outside cooties on any furniture since my I shed my clothes as soon as I get home. We aren’t very social, but on the rare occasions we have visitors, I put on my underpants, jeans, and a shirt. I suppose I could keep a “clean” pair of jeans to wear in the house. So, my arrival-at-home routine could be to shed my outside jeans, shirt, and socks and replace them with the home-only clothing.

Of course, that’s not reality. My at-home uniform is my clean skin. Any pants are “bus pants”. In case that reference isn’t familiar, Sheldon Cooper on the “Big Bang Theory” (CBS, Thursday nights), puts pants on over his regular pants when he has to ride public transportation. He calls these bus pants. In my case, bus pants are any pants.

Apparently, constant exposure to my nudity has affected Mrs. Lion. She spends most of her time when she is home wearing nothing or a pair of panties and a t-shirt. She used to wear her jeans and a t-shirt when at home. I asked her about this. She seemed a little surprised at my question. Her answer was simply that it is more comfortable.

I like contrasts. I liked that I was naked and she was dressed. It’s no big deal; just  a surprise when I think about the change. One contrast that happily remains is that I have no pubic hair and Mrs. Lion is untrimmed. She doesn’t have a big bush and we both appreciate her attractive, natural look.

My lack of pubic hair predates Mrs. Lion by many years. At the very beginning of my BDSM experience, a girlfriend and I tried switching. When I was bottoming, she shaved my pubes and butt. She wanted to do my armpits too, but I demurred. Since then, I remained sans-pubic hair. Mrs. Lion continues to keep me bare. Even during my many years as a top, I’ve kept that hair off. Like nudity at home, it’s just part of me.

Nudity and naked pubes are both good examples of conditioning. Consistent maintenance of a behavior will, eventually turn into unconscious parts of the person being conditioned. I don’t know how much time it took for me to be strongly conditioned. I imagine it took less than a year; probably a lot less. It’s more mysterious how long it took Mrs. Lion to be conditioned too. She had no one to demand her clothes come off and stay off when returning home. But, she consistently does it.

I like the idea of being conditioned. It’s the ultimate form of domination and obedience. The desired behavior is enforced with encouragement and punishments for failing to obey. After a while, it just happens. Save the posts I’ve written while at work (not that many), I’m completely naked when I write. And, for that matter, cook, clean, read, and watch TV. Whether I am here at home or in our camper or a hotel room, I’m bare. For me, any pants are bus pants.


  1. Author

    Hello Caged Lion,

    I see that you are opening up more to showing off your penis to us. Thank you for the teaser and please continue to expose yourself because it does help us relate to you.

    Is there a showing all of your genitals while outside on your deck?

    I also enjoyed the reference to “The Big Bang Theory”, it is one of my favorite shows. Have you watched “Young Sheldon”? What do you think about it?

    “Future Caged Sub”

    1. Author

      I’m flattered that you want to see more of my genitals. I don’t have any immediate plans to increase the number of revealing images.It feels good that you like what you see.

      1. Author

        I apologize for forgetting a word in my previous comment. The second line should say…Is there a PICTURE showing all of your genitals while outside on your deck?

        I am glad that you are flattered. Your genitals are nice to look at and if/when I am caged it will be difficult to not look at you, especially the pictures of you in your sling.

        We should all be proud of what we have and what we have to offer in our D/s relationships. Mrs. Lion is lucky.

        Hopefully a picture of you two or three times a week would be possible and something that you, and Mrs. Lion, would be willing to consider.

        I thank you again for everything.

        “Future Caged Sub”

        1. Author

          Thank you, Caged Lion.

          I completely understand and I will stop pushing the subject.

          “Future Caged Sub”

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