magicwandToday is the day! Well it may not be, but it’s the earliest day Lion can have an orgasm. We might go out to dinner. I have some cleaning to do. The dog needs to be brushed. Yes, Lion will probably be last on the list again, but it’s a matter of timing. Dinner has to be first. And Lion hasn’t been very comfortable so the dog and cleaning should be next.

I tempted fate last night and used the Magic Wand on him. Lion loves the Magic Wand. Sometimes he requests that I use it if he thinks he’ll have a problem getting aroused. Last night he had no problem. I just like to use it on him. We got very close to the edge several times. He produced quite a bit of pre-cum.

I may make Lion wait a few more days. We’ll have to see how it goes. I don’t anticipate it being beyond Wednesday. Perhaps in the sling. Perhaps while pegging. On the other hand, I was going to ride him for his last orgasm so that’s another option. I could give him the choice of method. That might be a nice reward for waiting so long. So many possibilities.

Lion finally did something to earn a punishment. He spilled food on his shirt at dinner. We were out with a friend and it was just the tiniest amount of food. It was almost imperceptible in the low lighting and I’m not even sure I would have realized it had I not seen it happen.

When we got home and Lion was in his uniform, I selected a paddle and told him I needed his butt. I started out with a hard swat. It’s been so long since he’s needed a punishment spanking I’d forgotten how to do it. I adjusted to rapid fire smaller swats. I didn’t do many – maybe 50 or so – but I ended with a fairly hard swat on each cheek. He’s been a good boy but he needs to remember what happens when he’s not.